Chanel Formula 1 Shirt Ignites Online Frenzy: A Viral Sensation Among Netizens

Published On: October 10, 2023Last Updated: October 10, 2023
Chanel Formula 1 Shirt

At Chanel, the Grand Prix is not just a race – It’s also on the label. The online fashion community has fallen in love with a piece from the house’s Cruise collection, a Formula 1-themed t-shirt that’s undeniably cool even if it comes with a high price tag! As social media platforms like TikTok & Instagram become the new buzz for fashion enthusiasts, it’s no surprise that this Chanel creation has become a viral sensation.

So, has Formula 1 won fashion hearts? Yes, Thanks to influencers and fashion lovers, even fancy Chanel is into it. In their Cruise 2023 collection celebrating Monaco and the famous Monte-Carlo Grand Prix, they’re going all in with racing vibes. Over the past months, a collection of exclusive Formula 1 shirts has spellbound the virtual fashion world. These rare & luxurious pieces have ignited the dreams of fashion enthusiasts across the online landscape.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Chanel Formula 1 shirt is a mix of fashion and motorsport vibes, which is the stand-out piece from the Cruise 2022/23 collection.
  • Madeleine White is the one who started a storm with her Chanel F1 T-shirt and put a spotlight on Chanel’s Cruise 2023 Collection.
  • The price of the F1 Tee shirt is $4,450, which has become the talk of luxury fashion’s cost.
  • The shirt gained a lot of recognition on social platforms like TikTok.
  • Charlotte Casiraghi wore this Chanel’s f1 tee shirt during the Monaco Grand Prix.

Chanel Formula 1 Shirt: The Pinnacle of Luxury Trends

chanel formula 1 shirt

Social Media is known for setting new trends and inspiring people to update their style and makeup routines. And now, the spotlight is on the stylish Chanel tee shirt, which is on HighStuff’s list of best makeup brands.

Chanel caused a stir with Gen Z after influencer Madeleine White posted a video wearing a Formula 1 tee shirt from the Cruise 22/23 collection, which features an image of Sebastian Vettel’s car.

This Triggered a Division of Opinions within Gen Z

While some love it so much that they share their enthusiasm on various social platforms, others tweeted their desire for the shirt. One fan tweeted, ‘Chanel released an F1 shirt, hello??? I WANT IT SO BAD,’ while another wrote, ‘I NEED a Chanel Cruise 22/23 F1 tee shirt.’

Also, a viral video from Zozosfits, which has over 290K followers, got her hand on the Chanel F1 tee. She asked her followers, asking, ‘Is the Chanel F1 t-shirt worth the price?’ However, not everyone shares the same opinion. Some are divided on the matter, praising the style but expressing reservations about the price.


is the chanel f1 tshirt worth the price 🫣 #chanel #f1

♬ original sound – zozo

Chanel and the collector’s F1 t-shirt. Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok… everywhere we can follow the connected fashionista, we are sure to have seen the object of desire: embroidered t-shirts representing racing scenes. With a big Chanel logo, a drawing of a car, a few pearls, and sequins, the recipe is simple but appealing.

The pieces, available in t-shirts or Chanel tank top versions (even more trendy), are crazy, especially when you realize that only a few copies were produced and are available across the globe. Quickly, people searched for what already appeared to be a collector’s item of clothing before realizing that to afford it, they would require a hefty dent in their wallets.

Chanel’s 2022/23 Cruise Collection

Chanel presented this in sunny Los Angeles, California, This Cruise Collection celebrates outdoor sports. The collection was a hit with fashion and sports fans. Madeleine White’s Chanel F1 T-shirt was one of the most popular in the collection. It not only got people talking, but it also showcased the Cruise 2023 collection.

It brings a touch of sophistication to outfits inspired by traditional racing gear. The jumpsuits, made in the house’s famous tweed, were adorned with brooches in the shape of a camellia, the emblematic symbol of the brand. The F1 helmets presented as accessories added a bold dimension to the whole, mixing the world of motorsport with the timeless elegance of the Maison.

  • Chanel’s 2022/23 Cruise Collection has a highly sought-after shirt.
  • It has gained popularity through viral videos and widespread tweets.
  • The shirt is known for its exquisite and luxurious design.
  • Consider adding it to your wardrobe to elevate your luxury fashion lifestyle.

The Rarity of Luxurious Chanel’s Formula 1 Shirt

The basic version costs $4,450, while the beaded version hits $6,000. Apart from its high price, it seems that only one Formula 1 T-shirt of each size is distributed in each Chanel boutique worldwide, making it all the more coveted.

Chanel’s Formula 1 Journey Continues

During the Monaco Grand Prix, this time it was Charlotte Casiraghi, daughter of Princess Caroline, who wore an outfit made up of several Chanel pieces, including a white t-shirt with an embroidered pattern inspired by Formula 1 from the Cruise collection.


Chanel F1 shirt: Where to buy?

To buy this high-stuff, check out Chanel boutiques, where this Cruise Collection is sold.

How much is the Chanel F1 shirt?

Priced around $4,450, that reflects the exclusivity and craftsmanship that Chanel is known for.

Why are F1 shirts so expensive?

Factors like brand prestige, unique design, quality materials, and limited production contribute to the high price. These pieces are more than clothes; they display art, fashion, and prominence.

How much is the Chanel race car top?

While costs vary, considering the Chanel Formula 1 shirt’s price from the Cruise 2022/23 collection, these pieces are around $5,000.

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