4 Things You Don’t Need to Do Yourself When You Buy New Tech

Published On: June 7, 2023Last Updated: September 16, 2023
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Embracing technology in this Digital Age is no longer an option but a necessity. However, with the rapid evolution and complexity of tech, it can feel overwhelming to keep up. From buying a cutting-edge smart TV to investing in an IoT device, getting your new gadget to work perfectly doesn’t need to be an all-day affair. In fact, there are several tasks you can confidently outsource, ensuring your new device operates flawlessly without wasting your valuable time. Let’s explore some tips and strategies for setting up your new gadgets effortlessly.

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1. The Art of Setting Up Your Device

The setup process of your new device is crucial as it often determines its functionality throughout its lifespan. Devices learn essential information during setup, such as your preferred data storage options, energy efficiency settings, and inter-device communication preferences. Therefore, it’s critical to comprehend all the settings before powering your device on for the first time and answer setup prompts accurately.

While many individuals aren’t too concerned about their devices’ settings and can handle setup themselves, those who require specific functionality or professional use might need expert assistance. Manufacturers like Microsoft and Apple often provide free setup support online, but you can also leverage professional tech maintenance or repair shops for a completely outsourced setup.

2. Simplified Device Registration

Simplified Device Registration

In the days of yore, device registration was a step most tech users skipped. Registration seems meaningless: Why does the device manufacturer need your name and contact information? Don’t they already have access to that data?

In truth, skipping registration usually isn’t possible with the latest devices because they simply won’t run without some vital user identification. Fortunately, you probably won’t even notice registering your devices because all it takes is logging into a certain account. For instance, when you buy an Apple product, you merely enter your Apple ID, which is already linked with your name, email address, phone number, and more. Thus, you shouldn’t need to waste time registering a device ever again.

3. Expert Mounting for Optimal Performance

Mounting is another task you might want to consider outsourcing, particularly with larger tech items like televisions or sound systems. Proper mounting is both an art and a science, and it calls for experience with specific tools and hardware for optimal positioning and performance. To prevent damaging your walls, ceilings, and floors, it’s best to engage a seasoned professional who will ensure a flawless setup on the first attempt. While some retailers offer this service, you can often find more affordable third-party professionals in larger cities like Atlanta or Phoenix.

4. Tech Maintenance: A Continuous Need

Recognizing the active nature of technology is crucial, particularly with devices linked to the internet or your home networks. Constant updates are a necessity for protection against security breaches from hackers and malicious software. Drawing parallels with a car, maintaining the peak performance of most tech gadgets involves regular check-ups and tune-ups. Failure to consistently update and conduct necessary “tech cleanliness” could lead to compromised security and a gradual degradation in device performance.

The complexity of tech maintenance can vary significantly, even within the same device category, making it sensible to leave this task to the professionals. You can either sign up for maintenance support from firms like TrendMicro or Symantec or schedule regular maintenance with a tech repair shop. Both options allow experienced individuals to keep your device in peak condition.


Remember, technology is meant to simplify your life, not complicate it. So, let the experts handle the technicalities, and you can focus on enjoying the limitless possibilities your tech gadgets offer.

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