Windows 10 Screen Capturing Tips

screen capturing tips

Nowadays, screen capturing is a vital part of modern business and entertainment. Everyone with a Windows 10 computer can capture their screens but few know how to get that done. The good news is you can always use programs like Movavi Screen Capture for Windows 10. Always choose a program that you are familiar with and that you can use. Then, consider the following for much better capturing.

Do A Test Before Recording

It is surprising to see how many that want to capture their screens simply do not perform tests. They just start the capture when they want to record the original file. This is a mistake since you never know if the system you use actually works before you try it. Screen recording is simple but numerous errors can appear. Be sure that you do a test run at least a week ahead of time so you know if you need something else.

Don’t Forget About Encoding Format

One of the biggest problems with screen recording is not necessarily what happens while the recording is done. It is what happens after since many users do not really care about the format that they save the file in. The general approach is to save the video in the format that has the highest possible quality. This can be a mistake. You want to choose the format that is best suited for the intended use. For instance, if the video is going to be used on mobile devices, you need to save in a highly compressed format that offers an optimal mobile viewing resolution.

Edit The Recording

When you record your screen you do it without stopping. This does not mean you need to stick to that video when you stop recording. Just cut the parts of the video that you do not want to see or use in the future. Then, why not go further and edit the recording even more? It is a shame to just record something and then not make it better. You will find it to be much better afterwards.


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