Different Types of Bathroom Sinks

Published On: October 25, 2016Last Updated: June 9, 2023
Bathroom Sinks

Are you remodeling your bathroom? Before you head out to buy just another sink, you should know that there are many types of sinks. Here are different types of bathroom sinks that you should consider:

Top-mount sink

This type of sink is designed to sit on top of the counter. Most of the sink sits below the counter but the rim is visible above the counter. Whether you want a slim or chunky rim, you can choose what you like.


A top-mount sink is suitable for most countertop materials such as wood and laminate. The cutout will be completely covered by the sink and cannot be damaged by water.

These sinks are also not expensive to install on stone countertops, as they do not require backbreaking edge polishing.


You can wipe water and food spills straight from the countertop into the sink, making cleanup easier.

Wall-mounted sink

This sink is fixed directly onto the wall without requiring a countertop to be installed. The wall-mounted sink is streamlined, making any room look minimalistic.


Because it does not have any cabinets beneath it, this sink makes a room seem bigger. It does so by saving on floor space and giving you a larger area to work with.

The plumbing for this sink is usually installed inside the wall, creating a clean look.


There is no storage space or landing space because of the absence of a countertop. You should consider your need for storage space before installing a wall-mounted sink in your bathroom.

Under-mount sink

This type of sink sits below the counter with its rim underneath the countertop.


This sink offers a seamless and clean look because less of the actual sink can be seen. Food spills and water can be wiped directly into the sink, making it easier to clean the countertop.


This sink requires a solid countertop such as stone. It cannot be installed on laminate because it is impossible to seal well against moisture. Under-mount sinks are costlier than their top mount counterparts are.

Pedestal sink

If you prefer a simple wall-mounted sink but want your pipe to go through the floor, you should opt for a pedestal sink.


The pedestal, which is below the sink, sits between the floor and the underside of the sink, concealing any pipe work. This sink is also aesthetically appealing if you want a classical vibe in your bathroom.


You need to consider the fact that there will not be any storage space under the sink or counter space above it. It can be quite tricky to clean because of the gap between the wall and the back of the pedestal.

Semi-recessed sink

Does your bathroom have limited space? If you would still like to have cabinets under your sink, you should consider buying a semi-recessed sink. It sits proudly in front of cabinets and the countertop, allowing you shallower cabinets.


Semi-recessed sinks free up valuable floor space while keeping your counter space free for your cosmetic products. Just like with pedestal sinks, semi-recessed sinks are great for persons with limited mobility and kids, as they can reach the faucet easily without the obstacle of cabinets and countertops.


The space below this sink is limited. Moreover, – because of the absence of a countertop – water and spills splash onto the floor – especially when children are using the sink.

If you do not think the above options work for you, look into designer bathroom sinks. They are unique and make your home stand out. Instead of having a bathroom that is similar to your neighbor’s, yours will be distinctive.

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