Unveiling Top 10 Most Valuable Avon Bottles of all Time!

Published On: June 8, 2023Last Updated: June 12, 2023
Top 10 Most Valuable Avon Bottles

Nearly all of us have seen vintage figural bottles on our grandmother’s vanity table visualizing the fashion and perfume choices of ladies inherited from Victorian age and later times. Especially, ladies hailing from the 1960s through 1980s have been huge fans of famous iconic vintage car perfume bottles with attractive colors such as rich emerald green, sapphire blue, ruby red, golden amber, gray, yellow, etc. The brand name Avon used to stay embossed on the bottom or front of the bottles. Today, you can find antique Avon collectible bottles at various flea markets, yard sales, or thrift stores. Many antique malls also have a range of rare Avon perfume bottles. Some of these bottles are worth investing in art, as they can appreciate in value over time.

Avon Collectible Bottles: A Brief History

Dating back to 1886 the founder of Avon Products, Inc., David H. McConnell along with selling books started giving away small perfume bottles. The public, however, showed more interest in perfumes than his books. Ultimately, he started manufacturing and selling perfumes in New York City under the name California Perfume Company in 1892. Later, in 1965 the company started producing figural Avon cologne bottles for perfumes or aftershaves, and were called and sold by Avon as ‘decanters’. In addition to colognes, other cosmetic products such as oils and lotions were also contained in these bottles. The most popular shapes included:

  • Cars
  • Cannons
  • Guns
  • Hammers
  • Shoes
  • Horns
  • Telephones
  • Keys, etc.

The most popular vintage Avon perfume bottles within the figural bottles were automobiles and race car models. This design was most popular during the 1960s through 1970s.

List of 10 Rare And Most Valuable Avon Bottles

Ever wondered how much these classic perfume bottles would cost? Well, if you are interested, you can buy and later sell these bottles on Craiglist, eBay, or even at a flea market with a considerable profit. Here is a list of 10 valuable Avon bottles price list that can help you make a good amount of cash!

Antique Avon Perfume BottlesYear of ManufactureValue
Bottle Eau de Cologne Impériale Guerlain1950$557
English Cut Glass Victorian Perfume Bottle1903$505
Victorian Avon Silver Glass Perfume Bottle1899$228
Rare Vintage Avon Wild Country AfterShave 8 Inches Blue Motorcycle1970$180
Vintage Avon Pair Of Milky Glass Bottles1910$120
Vintage Porcelain Art Pink Spray Perfume Bottle1961$150
Vintage AVON Glass Train Bottle1900$113
English Lady Faced Avon Glass1900$111
Clock Antique Avon Perfume Bottle1950s$105
Avon Swan Perfume Bottle with Crown1960$79

1. Bottle Eau de Cologne Impériale Guerlain

This is one of the most expensive Avon bottles was created by Pierre-Francois-Pascal Guerlain in 1853 for Eugenie, wife of Napoleon III. Later, the creator of this perfume earned the title of “Perfumer to His Majesty”.

2. English Cut Glass Victorian Perfume Bottle

This Victorian bottle is one of the rarest Avon perfume bottles and dates back to 1900. This bottle is heavy and made up of solid glass, decorated with intricately patterned cuts on its whole surface. This rare Avon bottle is listed on Etsy and left only one bottle, making it worth buying and making your antique collection more valuable.

3. Victorian Avon Silver Glass Perfume Bottle

This rare Victorian Avon perfume bottle is one of the good items to invest in antiques. This glob-shaped bottle with a hobnail pattern and a star-cut base is truly a rare art piece to find nowadays. Whereas its lid enhanced by the floral and scrolled pattern is a unique item to complete your art collection.

4. Rare Vintage Avon Wild Country AfterShave 8″ Blue Motorcycle

Created in 1970, this blue solid glass bottle with a glossy surface is shaped like a motorcycle. It is an 8-inch high and 4-cm wide body and has a detachable handlebar with the capacity to carry 8 ounces of perfume. This shelf-worthy art piece is a unique way to show off your love for art and antiquities.

5. Vintage Avon Pair of Milky Glass Bottles

This pair of vintage Avon perfume bottles were created in 1910 and is made up of milky glass and brass with a blue design pattern embossed on its body. The brass lit is easy to open and does not spill out perfume.

6. Vintage Porcelain Art Pink Spray Perfume Bottle

Created during the second half of the 18th century, this figural porcelain bottle remained one of the top choices of the elites of England. This antique art piece is refillable and tended to be increased its value with time. To access the hidden bottle, one would need to lift the doll’s head.

7. Vintage AVON Glass Train Bottle

This vintage piece is one of the rarest Avon bottles and dates back to 1900. This bottle was created to carry after-shave colognes for men. At its rear, this train locomotive figure contains a brass stopper and is labeled Avon on the front. This green glass train bottle is 7.5 inches long and 1.7 inches wide.

8. English Lady Faced Avon Glass

This valuable Avon bottle is an echo from the past depicting an English lady with a pot on her head. Made up of milky glass and white, this art bottle from the 1900s can still be used as a perfume or a vintage cream jar.

9. Clock Antique Avon Perfume Bottle

We have another valuable Avon antique bottle which is rare to find. This transparent solid glass bottle has a clock-like figure with Roman numerals. The clock doesn’t function, however, it is a worth-buying piece to add to your art collection.

10. Avon Swan Perfume Bottle with Crown

This attention-grabbing bottle is one of the rarest Avon bottles and is nowhere to find. This handmade antique art piece hails from 1960. The white base of the swan figure bottle is beautifully jazzed up with bright, colorful, and sparkling rhinestones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Avon collectibles worth anything?

Vintage Avon bottles are highly valuable for collectors given their uniqueness and rarity. Vintage items are aged from 100 to 120 years. So, if you collect antique items, Avon bottles are definitely worth it.

Are any old Avon bottles worth money?

Although, Avon bottles have not grown in value as high as people expect. However, given the condition of the bottles from several decades ago the value can increase to over $500.

What is Avon’s best-selling perfume?

Among many of its famous perfumes, there are few that top the list. Those include Avon Odyssey Cologne, Avon LIMITED-EDITION Far Away Gold Eau de Parfum and Spray, Avon Classics Timeless Cologne, and Avon Rare Gold Eau de Parfum.

What year was the Avon Cape Cod glass dinnerware collection made?

Avon’s Cape Cod was made between 1975 to 1993. It is considered one of the most beautiful dinnerware with deep ruby red patterns. However, these dishes are not made for use in microwaves.

When was Avon Red Glass made?

The ruby red glass for Avon was produced between 1975 to 1992 by Wheaton Glass Company. The addition of gold in a high percentage increased the value of red glass.

What are the oldest Avon perfumes?

Dating back to 1886, Avon produced ‘Little Dot Perfume Set’ as their first perfume. The set contained five fragrances i.e. White Rose, Violet, Lily of the Valley, Heliotrope, and Hyacinth.

How much is the Avon brand worth?

According to Statista, in 2022 Avon’s worth was estimated at nearly 2.77 billion dollars. Around 10 years before the company’s worth was estimated at 9.23 billion dollars.

Which Avon perfume is long-lasting?

Avon Far Away Eau de Parfum is a long-lasting scent from Avon. The smell is bold with a combination of orange, sandalwood, musk, amber, coconut, violet, freesia, vanilla, jasmine, osmanthus, ylang-ylang, and rose. The scent is refreshing and lasts for nearly the whole day.

How do you clean antique bottles?

It is easy to clean old perfume bottles. Simply, mix a tablespoon of detergent, and two or three spoons of kitty litter. Pour this mixture into an old bottle and shake well several times. Wait and repeat. Given the condition of the bottle, soaking it in detergent for 24 hours also helps dissolves dirt and stains.


Over the decades, Avon has created and produced a wide range of perfume bottles and the listed above are a few popular and rare ones. Whether you are a collector of unique bottles or a fan of Avon fragrances, these bottles are worth adding to your collection. Not only these bottles are beautiful, but also hold a value and place in history. Moreover, many people have a sentimental attachment to these bottles and grew up watching their mothers and grandmothers using Avon perfumes and other products on their vanity. So, these bottles are simply more than just perfume bottles and are worth buying.

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