Steel Building Kit Solutions

Steel Building Kit Solutions

Single wide, double, or vintage, a mobile or manufactured home has all the comforts you design into it. But, over time, you might find it short on storage space, especially if you have children, multiple vehicles, livestock, workshop hobbies, or livestock. A steel building kit can do much more than satisfy your need for space.

Mobile housing placed in rural settings has the land to add square footage for work and pleasure. And, manufactured homes settled into mobile parks could also use the expanded footprint. Even Warren Buffet has been bullish on mobile home parks.

  • Kids need space. Toddlers and teens need space to stretch their legs, crawl on the floor, and blow off steam. A sizeable building with high sidewalls can house a basketball court with room to spare. Or, you divide even a smaller one into sections that include a play area, media theater, restrooms, and storage.
  • Toys need protection. Weather resistant materials assemble quickly on your pad to store extra vehicles, snowmobiles, boats, or skidoos. Floor and ceiling lines permit wall and loft storage of supplies and accessories.
  • Crafts take room. Quilting, woodworking, ceramics, or electronics are crafts that need space and storage. There’s machinery, equipment, supplies, display, and storage to enclose and protect. A steel building kit will create a space you can customize with HVAC, light, electric, and water. You could even open the building as a retail store for your goods.
  • Animals needs home, too. Steel buildings come in several configurations that you can shape into a stable, horse arena, or storage for hay, grain, or feed. American made, versatile, and warranted, manufactured and assembled steel buildings are a boon to livestock owners and breeders.

How cost-effective can steel kits be Manufactured housing, mobile or otherwise, is “a significant source of affordable homeownership. It opens the door to homeownership for families who, in many of the nation’s housing markets, cannot afford to buy a site-built home.”

But, while some floor plans show as spacious and customizable, many do not serve all the owners’ needs whether you are thinking family or retired couple. Steel building kits are cost-effective options.

They have been turned into private homes, worship centers, and recreational spaces, but for mobile home owners, they provide a great opportunity to grow their property with small or large footprints and rooflines.

All steel buildings offer unobstructed space without support poles or beams.
High side walls, straight or arced, provide great clearance. Construction takes only four pairs of hands working three days without special tools. Cost is based on size, but it will prove very affordable compare to other construction options. Pouring the foundation and customizing the interior and exterior are extras you can add over time.

A patented alloy of aluminum and zinc coats the steel panels to prove seven times more rust resistant. Comes with a 40-year limited rust-through warranty. And, don’t forget, you can add brick and siding exteriors, colored steel coatings, doors and windows. You can add a porch, deck, or signage. You can also own the many creative options.


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