Premium Medical WordPress Themes For Health Care Services

Published On: August 11, 2017Last Updated: March 7, 2024
Medical WordPress Themes

A good medical WordPress theme for doctors is a fantastic way to build an awesome healthcare practitioner website. Yes, it can be unimaginably hard to create a good website, let alone create a customer base, one with a high return rate. It takes a lot of hard work to make a professional and trustworthy looking site on your own.

20+ Premium Medical WordPress Themes

However, if you have a good health WordPress theme in your arsenal, life gets a whole lot easier. These medical WordPress templates come with all of the tools and features to create the website that you need and that your customers want. Let’s talk about some of the best ones out there.

1. Whitenol – Dentistry Clinic Responsive WordPress Theme



If you are a dentist in need of a fantastic website, you will love this WordPress theme. As the name implies, it is fully responsive. This means that anybody will be able to load your web page on any gadget and any browser. It is definitely an SEO-friendly theme as well, which means that your practice will always be at the top of the search result list. Being so highly customizable in every way imaginable is another big bonus you get with this theme. It’s a great way to build the site to suit your needs.

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2. Counselor – Counseling Therapy Center Responsive WordPress Theme



If you’re a counselor, you want to spend your time counseling people and running a business, not building a website. This is why this particular theme is beneficial to you. The drag-and-drop Power Page Builder will help you build a comprehensive site in mere hours. Simply drag-and-drop anything you want right onto your page. There are tons of features to choose from. Things like various content modules, plugins, sidebars, layout options, and much more can all be chosen from. Building the exact site you want has never been easier.

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3. KidsHealth – Kids Clinic WordPress Theme



There is nothing more important than the health of our children, which is something that this theme will help you convey. The KidsHealth WordPress theme is built to be highly customizable. You can select from various images, graphics, layout options, fonts, and much more to build the site you want. Everything you want on your page can be easily placed using the drag-and-drop Power Page Builder. If you ever run into trouble, just call the free 24/7 lifetime tech support line for assistance.

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4. MediCheck – Medical Laboratory Responsive WordPress Theme



People need to trust a medical lab to do their job, which is something you can achieve with this theme. This item is built to look sleek and professional, which is exactly what your clients want. You can customize your page to look professional, yet attractive at the same time. This theme will help to grab people’s attention and keep them there. There are so many features and options included that you will have no trouble building the right site for your business.

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5. DropLbs – Weight Loss Clinic Responsive WordPress Theme



You will love how this theme comes with a great deal of customizable widgets and features. The widgets can be used for audio, video, blogs, calls to action, contact forms, and more. This theme also lets you change fonts, colors, layouts, and the overall look of your site too. It’s a great option to go with thanks to the streamlined installation procedure. It will take you no more than 5 minutes to get this theme up and running. If you happen to run into any issues, there is always free 24/7 tech support line for you to call.

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6. TalkItThru – Family Therapeutist Responsive WordPress Theme WordPress Theme



The fact that this theme comes with so many different stock photos is definitely a big bonus. This means not having to go look for images or make your own, and no copyright problems either. Simply pick the images you want and insert them into your website. This is a high-performance theme with cross-browser compliance, meaning that anybody can load it on any gadget and browser with ease. Stop worrying about the way your site looks when everything you need to create it is right here.

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7. Dentalcenter – Dental Clinic Responsive WordPress Theme



The drag-and-drop Power Page Builder this theme comes with is invaluable. It will help you save so much time by allowing you to simply drag-and-drop images and other content right onto your site. The streamlined 5 minute installation makes loading of this theme a breeze. There are tons of content modules to choose from here. This theme lets you add blogs, calls to action, tickers and timers, dividers, counters, calendars, and so much more. Literally everything you could need is in your arsenal when you have this theme.

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8. Slim – Weight Loss & Fitness WordPress Theme



Weight loss needs to be fun and attractive, not boring and professional. This is exactly the feel that you can achieve when you use this theme. Everything can be customized to suit your exact wants and needs. There are so many color, font, picture, widget, and content options to choose from that you really can’t go wrong. It is the perfect theme for any weight loss clinic. It’s easily customized, responsive, SEO-friendly, comes with tech support, and so much more. Stop wasting time when the tool you need is right here.

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9. Clinic – Health and Medical Center WordPress Theme



You will love how this theme lets you choose from a plethora of layouts. No matter what you want your page to look like, you will be able to achieve it with this theme. This theme is SEO-optimized, which means that your practice will always be at the top of search result lists. It is also highly responsive, which means it will work on any browser and gadget. This theme is also WPML-compatible for a multilingual website. It even supports WooCommerce functionality, so you can build your own online store.

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10. Biteon – Dentistry Clinic Responsive WordPress Theme



The Cherry Team Members plugin included with this theme is simply awesome. People need to trust their dentists and their surrounding team. With this Cherry plugin, you can build comprehensive bios about all of your dentistry team members. This will allow you and your team to gain the support and trust you need for a solid customer base. Coming with so many different content modules is another big bonus. You can add calendars, images, Google maps, Appointment Manager plugin, contact forms, calls to actions, blogs, and much more with ease.

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11. Dynasty – Reproduction Clinic Responsive WordPress Theme



Fertility and reproduction clinics need to look professional, but be attractive at the same time. With this theme and its sleek design, you can gain the trust of potential clients with ease. It is built to look very professional and that is a huge bonus in this field. Being able to add an Appointment Manager and a Timetable is invaluable to say the least. The custom widgets can all be added onto your page with the drag-and-drop Power Page Builder. Plus, this theme features a Live Customizer for instant results.

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12. Inthera – Counseling Centre WordPress Theme WordPress Theme



The drag-and-drop Power Page Builder featured here is so easy to use. The various content modules this theme comes with can all be dragged and dropped right onto your page. The Live Customizer lets you do all of this in real time. Both you and your customers will be able to instantly see any changes to your site. Being fully responsive and working on any gadget and browser is of course awesome too. Even better is that your page will always be highly ranked in terms of SEO, plus the theme uses super clean code as well.

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13. Wellcheck – Pediatric Clinic WordPress Theme



Our kids are the future and you are here to make sure that the future is healthy and happy. With this theme you can build an awesome and professional looking site. It has an unrivalled capability to gain the trust and loyalty of parents everywhere simply by looking the part. It has a really sleek design that catches the eye, plus there is the option to change layouts and more. You can customize fonts, images, graphics, and many other things to your liking. In the event that something goes wrong, you can always call the free 24/7 lifetime tech support line for assistance.

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14. Rehabilitation Center WordPress Theme



Rehab needs to be taken seriously, which is exactly what people will do when they see your professional looking site. The Cherry team members plugin is fantastic for letting people see the dedicated team working at your center. It has an awesome ability to gain the trust of people and get them familiar with the staff on hand. Calendars and Appointment Managers are fantastic additions to this theme. Being able to add many different plugins and widgets is yet another advantage that you get.

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15. Therapino – Physical Therapy WordPress Theme



The fact that this theme is carefully crafted is really cool. This means that everything is designed to look sleek and match the latest trends in the world today. Your website will always look modern and up to date with this theme. This theme also comes with multiple plugins, layout options, and content modules too. Things like calls to action, Appointment Manager, counters, blogs, and much more can all be added with ease. The drag-and-drop Power Page Builder makes customizing your site easier than ever before.

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16. Private Family Doctor WordPress Theme



A good family doctor can be really hard to find, but not when people can find you! This theme is fully responsive. This means that anyone on any browser and any gadget will be able to load your site with ease. Even better is that this theme is SEO-friendly, which means your site will always be at the top of search result lists. People will always find your practice before anyone else’s. The drag-and-drop Power Page Builder makes adding multiple types of content easy. Everything about this theme is totally user-friendly and could not be easier to understand.

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17. GlobalHealth – Doctor & Medical WordPress Theme



This theme is great because it can be customized any way you want. The variety of content modules is a total godsend. You can integrate many different types of content with the easy to use drag-and-drop Power Page Builder. You love how this theme comes with free 24/7 lifetime tech support. If you ever have any issues or questions, simply pick up the phone. There will always be a dedicated technician on the other end to help you solve all of your problems. Being fully responsive and SEO-friendly are just added bonuses that you get with this theme.

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18. ItsaGirl – Pregnancy Center Responsive WordPress Theme



Cherry services plugin is truly awesome when it comes to this theme. You can easily use shortcodes to insert customizable content into any part of your site. It really doesn’t get any easier than that. The Cherry Team Members plugin allows you to add profiles of your employees for parents to see. That, combined with the sleek and professional look this theme, will give you exactly what you need. The TM gallery comes with tons of images for you to choose from, plus the plethora of content modules does not hurt either.

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19. ReHealth – Medical & Drug Store WordPress Theme



The Cherry search feature of this theme is truly awesome. It lets you customize the search bar and lets people customize their searches. This makes it very easy to navigate your site, something that people will love. The multiple layout options available with this theme let you design the site you need to make a profit and gain customer loyalty. The various content modules, such as blogs, calendars, timers, appointments books, and much more are all very useful. Being SEO-friendly and fully responsive is a big bonus as well.

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20. UniversalCare – Medical Center Responsive WordPress Theme



You will like how this theme makes your brand-new site fully responsive. People on any browser and gadget will be able to load your site with ease. The fact that graphics stay updated and looking good in terms of pixilation is another big bonus. Cherry services and many other Cherry plugins is always helpful too. The TM gallery is great for adding tons of preloaded images onto your site. The various layout options and content modules allow you to fully customize your site the way you want.

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21. Chiropractor & Physical Rehabilitation WordPress Theme



The drag-and-drop Power Page Builder is so easy to use, you will never use anything else again. There are so many content types and modules to choose from that you just can’t go wrong. Use the drag-and-drop builder to add any content onto your site in mere seconds. The Live Customizer means that all changes made can be seen by you and others immediately. The fact that people on all gadgets and browsers can load your site is definitely useful. Plus, being SEO-friendly doesn’t hurt either.

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22. VitaHealth – Pediatric Clinic Responsive Medical WordPress Theme



The Timetable and Appointment Manager plugins are big bonuses here. Never again will you have scheduling conflicts with these great features. The Cherry team member function is great too. It lets you add bios of your employees so that parents can get familiar with your team. There are also other Cherry plugins available to help make your life much easier. The various content types and modules let you customize your site. You can add anything you want with the drag-and-drop page builder. Thanks to the Live Customizer, you will be able to instantly see changes.

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The bottom line is that any healthcare WordPress theme at TemplateMonster will help make your life much easier. These themes come with all of the tools you need to succeed in website design. Being in the healthcare field is not an easy undertaking, so you may as well make the website design aspect as simple as possible. Premium WordPress themes are intuitive, easy to use, and will result in a stunning website like no other. The time is here for you to save your money, get rid of website building headaches, and use these WordPress themes to make a page that everyone can be proud of.

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