5 Little-Known Things The Internet Can Do For A Small Business

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The Internet has changed entrepreneurship. It has leveled the playing field. If, for instance, you would like a small store of your own, you would need hundreds of thousands of dollars in capital. Today, you can sell almost anything that is available in large retail stores through your own eCommerce website.

Internet Business Ideas

If you would like to earn extra money or a full-time income, all you have to do is ask yourself a simple question: “What wifi services in my area would give me a fast Internet connection?” Once you found the best ISP, you could either set up a home business or rent a small office space.

Here are 5 ideas, some out of the box, on how to use the Internet to create abundance in your life:

1.  Borrow an Infrastructure

Since you may not have the money to buy the latest hardware and software to build an online business, why not just use the resources of cloud computing? For a monthly subscription fee, you can access all the software you need to build a profitable business. Many companies today are taking advantage of the latest cloud-based marketing trends. Find ways to make cloud computing work for your business.

2.  Work Out of the Office

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When you have your own business, you can work outside the office, including working in coffee shops, libraries, parks, and beaches. Take a break from your office and your desktop. Go to an interesting venue or scenic place and use a smartphone, netbook, laptop, or tablet to work outside the office. All you need is an Internet connection to do any time of remote work from any device. If you’re also using cloud computing, you can simply access all your files in the cloud.

3.  Use Telecommunications to Quote Repair Jobs

If you run a repair business, you could send your sales agents to your client’s homes or place of business with a smartphone. Since these have megapixel cameras, they can take pictures of what needs to be repaired and email them back to you at the office. You can then give a quote for the job or verify a part number or offer a quick consultation on what needs to be done to fix the problem. Armed with this information, they can close the deal with the prospect.

4.  Administer Your Business On the Road

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As a business owner, you probably need to spend hours a day on administrative tasks. For instance, you need to do your accounting, send out bills, pay freelancers, and so on. Before the Internet, all these important tasks would be put on hold until you got back to the office. Now, however, you can access your software and files from anywhere.

5.  Close More Direct Sales

In the past, you had to rely on brochures and painting word pictures when doing door-to-door sales. Today, you can do much more when it comes to developing your sales strategy. One way would be to use PowerPoint slides and videos on a portable device to help prospects understand your product and its benefits better. This is especially helpful if your product is somewhat intangible and it takes a technical explanation to sell it. For instance, if you are a salesperson for an antioxidant nutritional product, you will quickly overwhelm prospects when you try to explain the biochemistry of how antioxidants work. However, a quick 5-minute explainer video about the cellular damage caused by free radicals, complete with animated graphics, will help your prospects understand the value of your product.

There has never been a better time in the history of the world to start a small business of your own. Instead of working to make someone else rich in exchange for a small slice of the pie, why not make your own pie? What makes this an exciting time to be in business can be summed up in a single word. That word is the “Internet.”

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