Home Interiors Design Trends You’ll See in 2016

Published On: October 3, 2016Last Updated: May 29, 2023

Your home interior décor reflects a lot about your personality and lifestyle. This is exactly why homeowners prefer to keep renovating their homes every few years because they want to revive their dull interiors with new refreshing interior design trends. Modern interior designs are never permanent and therefore we see new trends disrupting the old ones. As a homeowner, it is important to renew your home interiors and décor with new designs that offer a touch of originality, comfort and functionality. While new home design trends have made their way, but classic interior trends still make the foundation of the new ideas and trends as they never fade away.


A simple way to renovate your home interior is to change the lighting. Strategically placed lighting can make all the difference and therefore you can look for the newest lighting trends. While chandeliers and pendant lights are still quite popular with homeowners who prefer modern appearance many homeowners are now stepping into the future with LED lighting. The concept of mood lighting is gradually becoming a popular choice as consumers move away from a conventional static lighting to more complex designs.


Colors reflect your personality and it can directly impact your mood. Hence, you have to be cautious about which colours you choose for your home walls. Magnolia and white color has been quite popular, but these colours are giving way to new pastel shades that offer subtle effect to the room. Select a simple pastel colour for a feature wall to draw the attention to a specific area of the living room.


In 2016, mixed colour furniture is one of the trends that provide a refreshing look to the home interiors. Mixing furniture styles has also been quite popular for past couple of years and continues to be a trend this year. French-style noir furniture has made a comeback in the bedroom which offers a touch of style and luxury. On the other hand, classic country furniture adds more character and continues to be a trend in the year 2016.

Smart Gadgets:

As we step forward into the world of technological advancement there are many gadgets that are becoming smart. From controlling the heating to turning off the lights everything is done in a smart way. These systems are now affordable and can be well-integrated into the home to provide a luxurious and modern lifestyle. In the coming year, home interior design trends are going to be more dependent on technological innovations, but will still retain some classic design traits.

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