Everything You Need to Know About Careers in Public Administration

Published On: November 28, 2017Last Updated: June 9, 2023
public administration

Public Administration is a job that puts governmental policies into play, while also helping students learn what they need to know to become effective public servants. These people work in government or in non-profits and they chose this career path to give back to their country and communities. Students can study public administration through traditional schooling, or by enrolling in an online MPA program. These jobs will be heavily based in public service and can be in the government, non-profit, or for-profit sectors.

Public Service

Public Administration is an important part of the governmental process. Those professionals who have earned an online public administration degree have an important job, advising the politicians who have been elected and helping shape and craft solutions to the problems that are facing society. The goal is to figure out what the government can do to solve a problem, and then discover the cheapest and most efficient ways to make that happen. Often, these public servants work in the background, helping create solutions and ways to implement those solutions.

Government Jobs

Many jobs in public administration are government related. These government jobs are widespread and include jobs at the local, State, and Federal levels. Many of these require a master’s degree in public administration. Local jobs can range from working as a city director, working as a director of the Parks and Recreation Department, or serving on the Board of Education. At the state and Federal levels, the career options can include working for state and Federal departments, serving as a Cabinet Member, or representing your country at the United Nations.

Non-Profit Jobs

Work in the non-profit sector for those with a degree in public administration includes working as a program or advertising director, a program director, or a marketing executive. These jobs, along with others like them, require you to plan for a variety of events and programs and then oversee these programs. The job involves knowing about the policies of the organization that you are working for, creating solutions to the problems of the specific non-profit, and then helping to implement those solutions.

For-Profit Jobs

There are some other jobs, like several in the news industry, that require a background in policy. Many of these jobs look for these skills so that the reporter or writer can offer an inside look at the political and policy situations that are important each day. Other jobs in for-profit companies include working as a CEO, Director, or another form of leadership in a company. Thanks to a degree in public administration, these individuals have the skills that will be needed to create programs, supervise employees, and implement policies.

There are many different paths to take once you have achieved a public administration degree. These paths can include working for the government or working in the non-profit sector, but regardless of what path you chose to take, your career in public administration will allow you to work as a public servant, able to make a difference in your country and your community.

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