All You Need To Know About The Emotional Roadshow Tour 2017

Twenty One Pilots

Twenty One Pilots have already rocked the world last spring and their blazing Emotional Roadshow Tour is destined to return in 2017 as well! Check it out!

Twenty One Pilots Will Continue Their Roadshow In 2017!

Starting straight from Columbus, Ohio the dynamic duo has conquered the hearts and souls of millions of fans from all over the world. Twenty One Pilots is one of the few bands whose performance only got better after core members left the group. Chris Salih and Nick Thomas were successfully replaced by Josh Dun giving us the team of Tyler and Josh and that’s the way we love our pilots.

Blurryface, the album that has earned colossal recognition for the group is one of the most downloaded music hits of 2015-2016. Their tout to support in, that kicked off at May 31, 2016 in Cincinnati was even a greater hit.

Of course we are talking about the Emotional Roadshow World Tour. Twenty One Pilots concert tickets were sold like hot cakes back in the day. That success is bound to happen again in 2017.

Want to learn more?


The Pilots will be giving a rough estimation of 100 concerts next year. The tour dates are already locked and loaded. You can check them out on dedicated fan pages, official group website and ticket booking services like TicketCrab.  New shows will be held as soon as the 8th of April, 2017 with Perth Arena as the first destination. What can we expect from this fascinating series of events?

Great news everyone – 2016 will be repeated all over again and we can freely expect one more dashing opening with “Fairly Local”, more ski masks, red suits and insane high-res LED screens.

What are the coolest features to expect from the show?

Technically, the entire concert will be amazing. It’s still the Pilots we are talking about, right? But what are the coolest gigs and tricks fans are to expect?

  • While performing the “Hometown” Joseph will become Houdini for a bit. He will be placed under a sheet and vanish only to be found among the crowd while finishing the song.
  • Holding On To You” will be sand in the crowd of fans, not from the stage and this way every participant of the show will get his share of action.
  • You will be seeing a lot of back flips from Dun – that’s for sure.

And that’s not all!

The perks of purchasing tickets online:

Sites like TicketCrab offer series of benefits for those willing to make the right choice. Ticket booths are so last century after all, and within the world of online Pilot fans get access to:

  • Early notifications. Users are notified about the availability of tickets for their favorite shows and concerts. This way you won’t miss the time of your lifetime just because someone has already purchased all of the entry passes.
  • Users can submit lists of preferences in order to adjust and personalize the notification feed. You will only get promotions for the stuff you enjoy while the rest of the hassle is left aside.
  • Local targeting. Geo-based tracking will notify you about awesome events, shows and conventions going on all over around you. Grasp the opportunity to become the ultimate party legend!


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