The 12 Best Free Apps for Travel Junkies

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Best Travel Apps for Junkies

Traveling is an exciting and stressful experience at the same time. Planning and making sure you’re on track can take away from all the fun. Thankfully, there are a number of apps that make the task of planning and organizing your trip much simpler. Here are 12 free travel apps that will make your next trip smooth and exciting.

1. SeatGuru

SeatGuruIf you want to get the best seat on your next flight, then you need to download SeatGuru right now. One of the best travel apps, SeatGuru helps you book the best seat at the most economical fare. You can find a seat with the perfect mix of features including power sockets, Wi-Fi and in-flight movies. The SeatGuru app will also help you find seats with the best possible leg space without having to pay for an upgrade later on.

2. Worldmate Gold

Worldmate GoldWorldmate Gold is one of the best travel apps for managing your travel arrangements. The app boasts of a user-friendly layout that helps you to organize flight and hotel details, car rentals and other reservations you may have made for your vacation. Worldmate Gold also searches the Web for the lowest and most competitive rates and fares, thus helping you to save more money even as you travel around the world.

3. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisorTripAdvisor manages one of the most comprehensive travel databases in the world. The app allows users to upload reviews of hotels, flights and tourist spots for destinations all over the world. Users can also post pictures and also receive responses from hotel managers. What makes TripAdvisor one of the most useful and best travel apps is that it contains more than 150 million reviews and also allows users to book restaurants in several destinations through the app.

4. Options Away

Options AwaySimply put, Options Away is an app that allows users to book flights online. Making it one of the best travel apps is Options Away’s promise to pay insurance for any deals that are missed by the app. Some of the services of the app are free, but users have to pay a minimal fee if they want to lock a specific rate 2—3 days in advance. Users can buy the ticket at a lower rate if the rate drops in the intervening period.

5. Localeur

LocaleurLocaleur is one of the best travel apps for people who want to experience local life in the places they visit. This app helps you to avoid the artificiality of tourist spots by having local people recommend places and experiences that are authentic to the place. With Localeur, you can find local foods and traditional markets that no tour guide might want to tell you about. Although the app only provides information about 14 cities in the US, it is bound to expand to more destinations as more people learn about its amazing features.

6. TripIt

TripItTripIt is one of those apps that you cannot leave home without, literally. Easily one of the best travel apps around, TripIt collects all the updates you receive about your flight and other reservations and compiles them into a comprehensive and easy-to-follow travel plan. The app ensures that you do not overlook any email sent by your travel agent and updates your calendar accordingly. It also has a map feature that helps you arrive at your destinations in the least possible time.

7. App in the Air

App in the AirApp in the Air is an efficient app that helps users track their flights. The app is connected to various airports around the world and ensures that you do not miss a single flight update. The app easily guides users through check-in, flight boarding, take-off and flight landing. Another great thing about the app is that you can integrate it with TripIt if you have both installed on your phone. The app has a simple interface which is a great thing for busy travelers.

8. Google Translate

Google TranslateGoogle Translate is one of the best travel apps around for helping travelers communicate with local people. This is a practical app that you can use to translate everyday words and phrases in the local language. You don’t even need to type in the words or phrases. Simply holding up the phone’s camera to a sign or page in the local language will enable the app to translate it into English instantly, allowing you to communicate effectively.

9. Time Out

Time OutIf you want to plan an exciting evening out but don’t know where to go, Time Out is one of the best travel apps you can have. The app has an immense database from which you can learn about the best restaurants, local events, and entertainment options at your destination. The Time Out app comes with an Event Finder feature through which you can learn about local concerts and other events taking place near you. You won’t have a dull moment on your trip if you have the Time Out app.

10. Amazon Instant Video

Amazon Instant VideoWhat do you do if your flight has been delayed indefinitely and you don’t want to hang around the duty free shop? The simplest solution is to watch a movie to pass a couple of hours. The Amazon Instant Video app is one of the best travel apps for such problems. All you need is an Amazon Prime subscription and you’ll be able to download movies directly to your smartphone. Keep in mind that this is not a streaming app, so you’ll need to plan and download the movies to your phone in advance.

11. The Weather Channel

The Weather ChannelNobody likes getting stuck in unexpected weather. One of the best travel apps that provides local weather information, The Weather Channel gives you access to weather forecasts for up to 10 days in advance. With this app, it won’t ever rain on your fun.


12. Cruise Critic

Cruise CriticCruise Critic is one of the earliest travel websites which is now available as an app for your phone. The app offers reviews of sea cruises by professionals who know the features that matter the most. You’ll also get access to current ticket prices in real time.

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