3 Simple Tips For Writing a Book

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Publishing a book is easier than many people realize; the hard part is actually doing the writing. For expert writers or literary fanatics, the prospect of writing a book might seem simple.

Published authors, however, know that this is not the case. Writing a book can be a time-consuming, frustrating experience, that leaves some authors second-guessing their decision to commit to such a large piece of writing in the first place.

While there is no denying that writing a book can be a challenge, doing so is not impossible, and many writers find that finishing, publishing, and sharing their words with the world is worth the struggle.

If you are interested in writing a book or in the early stages of doing so, here are 3 author-approved tips for making the process as simple as possible.

Meet a Daily Word Count

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Sometimes the hardest part of writing can be finding the motivation to do so. Many authors find that enforcing a strict writing schedule (which usually includes writing every day) is the only way to get past the mental block and procrastination that comes with a loose deadline.

The best way to stick to your schedule without second-guessing your work or giving up? Setting a generous but realistic daily word count and sticking to it. Tell yourself that as long as you meet your daily word count, you are allowed to be done writing for the day.

This will give you a realistic end goal for your daily writing session; plus, often times you will feel motivated to continue writing once you have started, making it highly likely that you will far exceed your daily word count and speed up the process of finishing your book.

Write in the Same Place

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Allowing yourself to write whenever and wherever you want is a great way to allow yourself to get distracted.

While it is important to let your creativity flow and allow yourself to write whenever and wherever inspiration strikes, expert Authors advise that you should do your daily scheduled writing in the same place each day.

Whether it’s your keyinteriors.us designed home office or your cozy living room chair, writing in the same place each day is extremely beneficial.

Make Your Own Deadline

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One of the most challenging parts of finishing a book for many authors is the fact that they often do not have a firm deadline for finishing the book, allowing for flexibility and room to get distracted or to lose motivation.

Setting your own deadline for a date in the future that you’d like your book to be finished, or at least a date that you’d like to have a certain number of pages written, can prove helpful.

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