July or September is a usual month to tying the knot. But now winter season is becoming trendy. But when there is unpredictable weather, expensive venues and loved ones out of the country, it makes a big NO to get married in summer. Winter season rocks to have a memorable wedding function; so, forget about the stress of hectic summer.


If you are wondering why winter for wedding? Consider following top 8 reasons.

  1. Highly Economical:

Great!! As compared to summers, wedding in winters makes the best deal for your big day. Catering, venues, flowers whatever you want, you get the best discounted rates in winters. You may consider wedding catering by Flavours that is one of the catering service providers who offers services at budget. Moreover, you can easily save money to spend on other important things. Good news? You don’t have to go indebt when planning your big day.

  1. Variety of Comfort Food:

Here comes the celebration menu! Owing to the cold weather, pamper your wedding guests with some comforting food. Warm their hearts with some stew and dumplings like macaroni and grilled cheese along with a round of a soup served in mini cups is a good idea!! For the lunch or dinner, you can serve carvery styled meal. For those who don’t prefer this style, set up a potato bar with a variety of toppings, it will surely make them feel delighted and special. As for sweets, try mini chocolate lava cakes, hot chocolate, topping and poutine bars. You will feel good to serve a variety of comfort food.

  1. Holiday Season:

As winter is a holiday season, your friends and family would be returning home. If you chose Christmas or a New Year Eve for your wedding, that’s great! Isn’t it delightful to see all of your loved ones celebrating your big day? It’s quite memorable start your new year with your while celebrating your own wedding.

  1. Tropical Honeymoons:

If you get married in summers, the chances are extremely high that you won’t be able to celebrate your honeymoon in tropical destinations. The hotels are reserved, travel deals are expensive, resorts packed with kids and there is a danger of hurricane too. You don’t want to spoil your honeymoon, right? So, getting married in winters provides you with a best honeymoon destinations and deals in tropic regions. Your choice can be Maldives, Caribbean, Hawaii or Australia.

  1. A White Day:

You are lucky enough if there is snow fall on your big day, a real snow! (Remember, people do fake it!) Pathways covered with deep snow and spectral trees make it perfect winter wonderland. Snowy wedding day gives you perfect background for photographs, and of course, a romantic feel.

  1. A Break From a Norm:

Winter wedding is a seasonal highlight for everyone as all the celebrations have already been attended in summers. Since, every one becomes weary of the celebrations during summer, it is great to experience one in winters!!

  1. The Romantic Ambiance:

As the sunsets, you can start evening party quite earlier and enjoy for a longer time. Isn’t it amazing? You must decorate with fairy lights as it creates a magical impact on the atmosphere. You can also decorate the trees with seasonal decors, as well as the pathways with candles or lights. If you wish to make it more romantic, try lantern; it would become perfect winter wedding evening party.

  1. The Mulled Wine:

Your winter big day reception is incomplete without serving mulled wine. When you plan to get married on a freezing day, make sure you have mulled wine as a reception drink as your guests arrive.

So, if you are planning to get married, you can confidently choose winter as your big day season!

Featured Image: Pixabay

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