Why Do You Need to Use Virtual Private Network?

virtual private network

Many of us are aware of the virtual private network that is another benediction of the technology. If you are unaware of it, let’s have an introduction.

What is VPN?

VPN or Virtual Private Network is a network connection that is advantageous to browse the websites from a different IP address. It manipulates your existing IP address and make you appear from some different location, region or country. It makes browsing illegible and your online activities become securer as you cannot be traced.

The drawback of VPN is that it reduce the internet speed to about 50%, but there are many good reasons that you can use a VPN to access some websites.

Access to Netflix Streaming

Netflix do not provide its content outside USA so the users of other countries cannot watch them. A Virtual Private Network will manipulate your IP and make it appear like you are in USA from anywhere else in the world and play movies of your choice.

Using Public Wi-Fi with Confidence

If you are unsecure about using a private Wi-Fi especially for emails and want to keep it confidential, a VPN is best option. It is safe, secure and wise idea.

Break the Restrictive Network

A student or an employee often face the restrictive network and get annoyed. It is the tunnel out for this problem as you will get access to the restrictive websites without asking the network administrator.

You will always have to use it for a good reason for being a responsible person for using technology. Privacy is your right but some restrictions are also good for you.

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