Easy Ways to Up the Quality of Your Video Conference Feed

Published On: January 6, 2017Last Updated: July 4, 2023
Video Conference

Video Conference Feed

Web conferences have made it so much easier for professionals to hold business conversations no matter where in the world the participants happen to be. However, not all video conferences are of the same quality. A bad video camera, a messy room, or even subtle body language could ruin your meeting. If you want to come across as a professional, you’re going to have to make some improvements to the way you hold your online meetings. If you have no idea where to start, fear not. We’ll give you some great pieces of advice in this article so that you’ll look like a pro each time you turn on that web camera. Whether you’re talking to clients or co-workers, you’ll want to keep reading to learn some do’s and don’ts.

Make the Most of Your Internet Connection

For any company that relies on video conferencing, a stable and fast internet connection is a must, preferably on a wireless network. However, even if you buy the fastest internet connection that money can buy, you may still end up with a slow connection if you have a ton of apps open. Thus, check to see if you have any other programs running in the background. These apps could be hogging your internet connection, slowing it down and making your video turn out choppy or pixelated. Even worse, it could cause your video or audio output to lag, and that does not look good for any professional company trying to market its products or services. If you have to, check if there are any other devices connected to the network. Turn these off to help divert more resources to your video conferencing. If you’ve already turned off any extra apps or devices and the quality is still off, then you may have to switch from a wireless network to a direct connection. To give yourself enough time for troubleshooting, make sure to test your connection at least 30 minutes before the meeting begins, according to SmallBizTrends.

Get a Higher Quality Video System

It sounds easier said than done, but getting your video conferencing equipment right from the start can save you from a lot of headaches down the line. While you don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune on the most expensive system on the planet, you should at least get one that will serve you well for many years to come. If you’re still on the lookout for reliable enterprise video conferencing solutions, you may want to look into options from the BlueJeans Network. Not only will you be sure that you will have only the best quality audio and video output, but your company can also benefit from its extra features. A plus to these types of solutions is the fact that you can save every single video conference in the cloud. This means that you don’t have to wrack your brain trying to remember something somebody said during the meeting. All you’ll have to do is log back on and look for the video recording so that you can replay it.

Video System

Learn How to Set Up Your Space to Look Better

Even if you have the fastest internet connection or most expensive video camera on the market, you’re going to have to put more effort than that. No matter where you’re holding the meeting from, you need to show off the best possible image that you can. First of all, you’ve got to master the basics of lighting. It’s something that pro photographers and videographers practice so well that you may not even be aware that they’re doing it properly. Try to go for natural lighting from the sun, whenever possible. You may want to start the meeting while sitting next to a window where the sunlight can illuminate your face nicely. Secondly, make sure to clean up the room you’re in. You don’t want anybody seeing your underwear hanging from a chair while you’re discussing year-end reports, now, do you? Lastly, make sure you’ve got your web camera facing from a flattering angle, according to Entrepreneur. If it’s facing you from too low, you’ll look like you’re trying to dominate the other person. If it’s facing you from too high an angle, though, you’re going to look too submissive. Try to have the camera aimed at your face straight-on so that it feels like the other people in the meeting are actually talking to you face to face.

Make Your Video Conferences Look Great With These Few Tweaks

You might need to practice some of these tips a little more than usual, but a little tweaking will go a long way towards projecting a more professional image to your colleagues. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be a video conferencing superstar in no time. Remember: make your space look great, free up your internet connection, and invest in the best system you can afford.

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Jamie Davidson is the Marketing Communications Manager for Vast Conference, a meeting solution providing HD-audio, video conferencing and web streaming bringing teams together to work done.

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