3 Vape Pen Trends to Watch

Vape Pen Trends

The use of the vape pen continues to gain popularity. They are a safe and fun way for people to deal with their urge to smoke in an acceptable manner while also enabling many former smokers to completely ditch the cigarette habit. As the vaping industry continues to grow, it puts out engaging new products and trends that are designed to enhance your enjoyment of the entire experience.

1- Vape Expos and Events:

From large vape events like Vapefest in Las Vegas – billed as the long-running vaping convention that is focused on both advocacy and research – to events that are smaller in scale, the presence of vape expos and events is expected to continue to increase over the next few years. A vape event like the one in Las Vegas typically works like a convention. There, you’ll find lots of vendors who set up booths with their latest vape pens, flavors and gadgets. Often there are also workshops designed to keep attendees in the loop.

Smaller events could be as informal as ones that pop up at your favorite local bar as vape users converge in the same general area. Others have more planning and can include things such as informational sessions and opportunities to share experiences.

2- Custom Mods for Vape Pens:

Customization hits nearly every industry as long as there is enough flexibility to support it. Being able to change your vape pen to suit your personality means that more specialized ones will continue to pop up. What started off as being a way to personalize the airflow to suit the user better has expanded into infusing the mod with some actual personality. Graphic designs as a method of celebrating a particular event or showing off those things that are important to a user have exploded into niche mods that encompass nearly every interest imaginable.

The above ideas have spawned a whole new art of customization – that of the fully customizable mod. This is one in which you commission a manufacturer to custom design a mod specifically for you. While this idea might seem to be a little extreme, it is a perfect one for that special vape user in your life who needs a gift. Keep in mind, too, that as this idea gains traction, more companies will offer it and its pricing structure will become more affordable.

3- Chasing the Clouds:

Remember those people in high school that could always blow perfectly formed smoke rings every time they tried? Well, vape users take this skill up a notch and undertake the challenge of chasing the clouds. In most cases, the people who really embrace cloud chasing are not using vape pens to address their cravings for nicotine. Instead, they are doing it more for the thrill of chasing the largest clouds of exhaled vapor. This type of competition is spawning its own targeted array of mods, vape tanks and atomizers that are designed specifically for its use.

A word of caution is warranted here as the low builds of ohm can inch up the danger factor if you don’t know what you’re doing. So seek out professionals and learn from them before jumping in unabashedly.

Which of these three trends excites you the most? Which trends do you think should have been included but weren’t?

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