What are the Online Dating Platforms and Apps in 2023?

Published On: June 8, 2021Last Updated: July 25, 2023

Relationships are a funny thing, if there was a handbook that worked, we would all be in relationships till the end of time with no hassles and no breakups. However, nowadays it seems like things get complicated on one hand and yet, simple on the other. It all depends on the people, their personalities and their mentality towards the idea.

Alas, the reality of it is, breakups do happen, and some relationships cannot last a lifetime. The good news is, many people, have directed their efforts to dating apps, after being in a committed relationship and breaking up, and that’s perfectly normal.

Surprisingly enough, and according to statistics, on average over 60,000 people are registering on dating apps every month, and there are over 10 different apps to choose from, this link will take you to the statistics. If you’re unsure or scared of which ones to join, you have nothing to worry about, as our list of the 10 best apps to join will help you to choose based on your personal preferences. We look at the Top 3 below.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

3 Top Trending Hook Up Apps in 2023

1. Tinder

Of course, we have to add this one to our list. If you don’t already know about Tinder, now is the best time to look into it. This online dating platform has been around since 2012 and has been the runner up amongst all other apps, by far, and for good reason.

It is created to match single individuals either in your local area or internationally, virtually. It has been massively successful and many of those who are on the site, have hooked up and even gotten married. This website can give some further insight into well-researched dating scenes, it may not be for the traditional dating culture types, but it sure does help you meet new people.


2. Bumble

PC mag did a review for Bumble on their website and lists a few of the pros and cons of it, the pros being its excellent privacy features, a free version, the platform is fun and interactive and has an all-inclusive interface and you can video chat on it.

The cons include the profiles which are simpler than other apps and unnecessary options to hook up with business networks and a ‘friend-finder’. Besides that, it seems to be doing pretty well. This platform only lets men chat with women once they show an interest in them. Which is a good security measure. You can swipe to see different profiles, and send messages, however only when you allow the person.

3. Hinge

Originally introduced into the market in 2012, it is available on both iOS and Android. The demographic is much younger than apps such as eHarmony or Match.com for instance. A neat feature built into it is a reminder when someone has messaged you and a nudge when it’s your turn to answer, sending you a notification to say “your turn!”.

You can add a profile picture to the app and three personality traits that you would like viewers to know about you. This is a good app that focuses more on the personality of the user rather than their appearance. Which, we think is key in the dating scene. Similarly to many social media sites, this does not go by swiping, but rather you can “like” a picture or a prompt by someone else.

Lastly, you have the filter option where you can categories people based on their traits, including their religion, height, likes and dislikes. It’s one of the good ones when it comes to young people looking for a compatibility match for themselves either to befriend or date.

These three apps above are just a few out of the top 10, perhaps there are more in the making out there. The other popular ones included on the list are Badoo, OKCupid, Elitesingles, Coffee Meets Bagel and happn (without the ‘e’). Check each one out and take your time before registering with them. Going through their features and offerings is one thing but if no one appeals to you, then it’s a waste of time.

If they have a free version, try it out to give you a better idea. But always remember to never share your personal information with anyone online or in person. Wishing you all the best in your hookups!


The landscape of dating and socializing apps is ever-evolving, with new platforms emerging in 2023. These apps provide individuals with opportunities to connect and meet others. However, it is crucial to approach such apps with caution and prioritize safety, personal boundaries, and respect. Always exercise discretion, use reliable platforms, and engage in open communication to ensure a positive and fulfilling experience. Ultimately, one’s well-being and comfort should remain paramount when navigating the world of hook-up apps or any online interactions.

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