5 Things You Didn’t Know About SEO

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SEO is a completed method of ranking on Google and is a time-consuming process that will deliver you with longer-lasting results than the traditional PPC. Whether you are heading into SEO on your own or you enlist the help of an award-winning agency, you can learn the tricks of the trade when it comes to SEO and how you can begin to better your website as well as others.

Local SEO Marketing Matters

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Though SEO is crucial to the success of your online presence, it is also lesser-known knowledge that local SEO rankings can help to grow your business. This should be one of the first changes to be implemented in an SEO campaign as this helps to improve local rankings and ensure you are seen by those around you. As voice search continues to gain popularity, this is crucial as this can help to increase footfall before expanding SEO optimisation to other areas.

Mobile-Friendly SEO Is Important

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With mobile-first indexing being rolled out by Google in the last 3 years, it is no surprise that a number of SEO professionals have turned their attention to mobile optimisation. However, those in the industry may not know that Google will now rank your website lower in Google SERP’s as if there is no mobile version of the site present. This important to note as a mobile version or a completely new mobile website will be needed in order to boost rankings and help to improve visibility as a result.

Generated Content For Users

Content is king, we have been told this time and time again, but Google has now started to home in on content that is interesting for the reader and full of information. Though it is still possible to implement SEO techniques into this content to cater to the algorithm, it is important that readability and overall content quality is put first. This will not only help to enrich the content and make it enjoyable for the reader, but it will help to create refreshing content for Google to crawl helping to keep your website higher in the rankings.

Everything Needs To Be Relevant

If you want to appear higher in Google, you will need to keep content relevant and keep the website refreshed. Whether this is updating design elements, or creating a blog for new and exciting content, you can keep the website relevant and help to build the E.A.T score over time. This is crucial to SEO as Google has begun to rank websites with a higher E.A.T score further as they are deemed reliable sources of information. This is also bought about by the links that are visible in the back-link profile of your website and how relevant this is.

Keyword Activity Is Important

Monitoring the activity of your keywords is vital to a campaign as this helps to ensure that you are targeting the most relevant keywords. By monitoring this at the end of every month, you can begin to tailor the strategy in order to have the best possible results. With keyword mapping files as well as content gap analysis, you can track the cost of keywords as well as the search volume and begin tailoring the campaign to target these.

With this in mind, you can begin to tailor the campaign as to suit SEO and ensure that best possible result, whether you are working on your campaign or the campaign of others.

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