Things to Consider When Moving From the Suburbs to the City

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When Moving to The City

Moving from the suburbs to the city is both exciting and frightening. But if you downsize, learn the area ahead of time and talk with your neighbors, the experience can turn out to be quite rewarding.

Home Security System

Life in the suburbs versus living in the city is vastly different. Generally, you have more land and fewer people located nearby. For this reason, living in the city brings with it a higher crime rate. If you want to protect your family and possessions, having a home security system installed is a great start. There are many different companies offering similar plans, with some even offering high-tech additions that will allow you to monitor your home from your smartphone. Decide what you need and the additional services you want, then see package details of the various companies before making the final determination as to which one is the best choice.

Making a decision on keeping or selling your vehicle

Life in the city is a bit different than living in the suburbs. For one, you’ll have access to public transportation like subways, buses, and taxis at most every block. This makes it easy to get around the city boroughs for your job, theaters, sporting events, and supermarkets. If you own a car you need to decide ahead of time whether it’s worth the additional expense of the increased insurance rate, as well as the parking fees. If you move to an area where the stores, parks, and schools are within a short distance, keeping the car may become a financial burden. However, if you plan to leave the city limits often, keeping it will save you from having to rent a vehicle often.

Check out housing before moving

Whether you a moving for a job or to be closer to family, you should take the time to decide which area of the city is best for you and your family. You can get the crime rate from a real-estate agent or by going online. If you have younger children make sure that you have a park, schools and recreational activities within walking distance. It’s also important to avoid “food deserts” and look for the supermarkets and fruit and vegetable stands that are in the vicinity. This way you won’t move in and get stuck in an area that doesn’t accommodate your needs.

Get street-smart

Life in the suburbs is a lot different than living in the city. In the suburbs, you can go at your pace, in the city, you either move with the flow of the people walking or you find yourself left behind. Even if the white light is on the crosswalk there’s no guarantee that you will make it across. You must always look and then look again to make sure that nothing is coming. You’ll learn to leave a few minutes earlier as delays are always a possibility and you’ll arrive home a little later until you figure out the best way to get from point A to point B.

Make friends with the locals

If you’re moving into an apartment building before deciding to buy, get to know the residents in the building and the locals in the surrounding 2 to 3 block area. These people will be the ones that help you the most during the first few months and the all-important first year. They know the best places to shop and where they are. They know the trains to take to save you time and they can also tell you where not you venture to at certain times of the day and night.


If you had a large home in the suburbs chances are very good that you will need to downsize prior to your move. Apartments in the city are quite expensive and the size versus what you currently have will probably amount to half the square footage. Get in touch with a realtor and secure one ahead so you know the amount of space you have to work with. Then bring the things you need and a few pieces that you want. With the rest of your belongings, you can have a garage sale and use the profits to help with some of the moving expenses.

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