Theater Show-down: West End vs Broadway


When you hear about the latest musical or play, you know it’s going to have its run in London’s West End or on Broadway in New York City. It makes either city a destination to see productions that may never have a traveling version of the show, or the cast won’t be seen anywhere but one of these cities. This means if you want the best experience, you have to travel to New York City or London. But is it worth the flight to London? Or should you stay in the States and see the play without needing a passport and dealing with exchange rates?

Plays in London are half the cost of those in New York City, even with the exchange rate. You’ll get an immediate savings on the price of tickets alone. And you get the additional experience of staying in a foreign city where everyone speaks your language, and the plays are the same as New York City. But New York City has the advantage of being a reasonable flight away from most American cities and comes with a unique allure. It’s tough to choose which city to see plays in!

You won’t go wrong no matter what city you decide to travel to for productions. New York City and London are known for putting on show-stopping plays and musicals and even making their own unique touches to reflect local culture and theater limitations. In turn, you’ll come home with an experience that you won’t soon forget.


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