4 Ways You Can Use Technology to Get Things for Free

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Whenever you hear the word “free” it’s easy to assume there must be a catch or a gimmick of some sort involved. After all, nothing in this world is truly free, right? Well, that used to be true but in today’s abundant economy it’s actually possible to find plenty of stuff for free, whether you’re getting it from a company looking to promote their brand or an individual who just wants to get rid of a used item. Of course, if you’re walking around a random place in the offline world searching for free stuff – good luck with that. But put a device in your hand and connect to the internet, and suddenly a whole new realm of freebie possibilities opens up. Here are a few ways you can use the power of tech to start getting free stuff in no time.

1.  Do Tech Product Reviews

Perhaps the easiest way to get brand new products for free is by starting your own blog or YouTube channel and reviewing popular products. Initially you may have to either buy a few products to review or just rehash other reviews to gain momentum, but once you’ve built some notoriety you can start emailing companies to request free samples of their products in exchange for posting a positive review on your channel/blog. If you can show that you have a decent number of visitors/viewers, they’ll usually be open to the idea. You can also try posting on popular tech blogs like Free Feast to drive traffic back to your review site or channel, which will boost your metrics and make companies even more willing to send you product samples.

2.  Browse Classified Ad Sites

An easier and more straightforward way to find free stuff online is to simply search through the “free” section of classified ad sites like Craigslist and Freecycle. Of course, using this method you’ll be finding mostly used items, but some of it’ll be in ‘like new’ condition and you’ll even come across the rare “unopened, still in box” listings. For example, you’d be surprised how many people give away their old flat screen TVs just because they bought a new model and don’t have room for the old one. The truly great finds are a minority, but when you do land on one you’ll be happy you did.

3.  Use Survey Platforms to Build up Redeemable Points

There are lots of apps and websites that will let you fill out surveys in exchange for points that you can use towards items. It may take a while for you to build up enough credit in your account to get something worthwhile, but this is certainly a viable method for turning nothing into something. One could argue that the items aren’t actually free because you’re doing menial and tedious tasks to earn those points, but if it’s something you do occasionally in your spare time then it’s still not quite the same as working or paying for something outright.

4.  Bonus Method – Placing a “Will Haul” Ad Online

In closing, there’s one more thing you can do that’s a little bit left field and would require a hauling vehicle, but it’s still worth mentioning. You can place ads on local classified sites offering to pick up bulk appliances, furniture, vehicles, electronics, clothing, toys, or any other items people no longer want. A lot of the stuff you find won’t be worth much, but you’ll also find some like new items here and there that will make it worthwhile.

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