The street food is fast becoming a popular choice in the UK. as more and more people are looking to buy cheap food. Consequently, street food vendors are now moving towards launching mobile, van-based businesses. The plus point is that it is not only easy to manage, but also cost effective. If you are also interested in setting up a street-food van, Van Monster has designed an excellent infographic which explains the pros and cons of a van-based business and gives advice on how to successfully launch it in a minimal budget.

Setting up a physical site for your restaurant would require a minimum £50,000, whereas converting a regular van into a street food van could cost as low as £20,000. The infographic explains the advantages of setting up commercial vans, which include low startup cost, a chance to master your cooking skills and enjoying your work, no tough working hours and low rental cost. That being said, there are some drawbacks. For example, adherence to certain rules and regulations, no guarantee that customers would trust your business, unstable working hours and a low initial profit.

Have you made up your mind to set-up a street-food van? The infographic further explains what you’ll need to get started. This includes a kit for your van, registering your business, getting insurance, installing gas equipment, getting a good hygiene certificate, setting up an advertising team for social media and more.

To convert your regular van into a street-food van, there are a couple of enhancements you would have to make such as installing a washing sink and an extractor fan, buying a fridge, getting a fire extinguisher, proper lighting inside the van and utensil storage. Converting a regular van into street-food van can cost you around £15,000; however, you can save on it by following DIY tutorials and upgrading the van yourself.

After setting up your van, it is time to decide the type of food you are going to offer to your customers. Research suggests that British people love Mexican, Chinese, Thai, Indian, and of course British food. To maximise your earnings, you can also invest in an espresso machine or buy tea bags to cater all sorts of customers.

If you are skeptical about the success of your business, the infographic also gives inspiring examples of some of the most successful van-based food restaurants in UK, which have been in business for a long time and have become very popular among the locals. Check the infographic yourself to know more.

Street Food Van Vendors

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