Fashion Trends for Spring 2018

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spring fashion trends

Spring Fashion Trends

From the busiest runways of the fashion capitals of the world, this article brings you the 7 hottest spring fashion trends 2018. Some of these trends are things you’ll recognize from past years, obviously with certain upgrades. However, there are some new, exciting entries too that will grab your imagination. From the use of sequins to the popularity of transparent materials, there are trends that will leave you asking for more.

1.  Say it with Sequins

tops and blousesImage Source: Flickr

Bling is back! Yes, spring 2018 fashion will be all about bling and glitter. Most of the top fashion labels seem to have embraced this trend wholeheartedly. So make sure your wardrobe contains at least a couple of tops and blouses with the right amount of bling. Not only do we expect to see sparkles adorning our clothes, but entire fabrics made with shimmery materials. All of this will serve to ensure that nobody misses out on seeing you flaunt your glamorous outfit. Make it all the more glamorous with sequined accessories and footwear.

2.  Glam Jeans

Glam JeansImage Source: Maxpixel

And we thought jeans had been done to death. Not so, it seems. Runways across the global fashion capitals are witnessing a burst of creativity with denim. The everyday go-to pair of denim jeans just got a makeover for 2018. Of all surprises, we saw them being used as glamorous ensembles for evening wear. No longer associated exclusively with denim, jeans are now being designed with all sorts of materials. We saw models flaunting jeans made of vinyl as well as transparent material. See trend number 4 for some clues on how to pair these designer jeans for a complete look.

3.  Checking all the Boxes

2018 spring fashion is going to feature many an ensemble in checks. There’s something that is naturally quite like able about checks. They have a certain symmetry and wholesomeness about them which is very satisfying. This is why when most people are confused about what to wear, they reach out for something in checks. Whether you want something that looks traditional, modern or feminine, you can always be sure of checks coming to the rescue. You can look forward to seeing entire outfits in a uniform checked pattern, and even checked accessories like overcoats and bags.

4.  Amazing Anoraks

Amazing AnoraksImage Source: Pixabay

If leather was the dream material for jackets last season, then it’s the anorak for this year. Anoraks are expected to become the hottest trend in athleisure because of their great practicality and the ease with which they can be fashioned into different colors and styles. Made with waterproof material, these anoraks are the perfect thing to step out in this spring season. These can be worn over any kind of outfit and paired with all sorts of accessories. You can wear it with separates and even wear it as an oversized shirt. Because of their bold and bright colors, we hope to see a new color blocking trend as well.

5.  No Longer on the Fringes

Fringes seem to have become more of a mainstay on these lists. Every year, fringes make an appearance in one form or the other. This year is no different. Mostly associated with a costume-like appearance, fringes will be seen as a form of sophisticated fashion statement this year. Their tendency to create volume can be balanced very neatly with fitted or body-hugging materials to create a refined appearance. Variations in length are also something that makes fringes quite appealing, as they can be incorporated into evening gowns, casual wear and, we hope, corporate wear.

6.  Monchrome

palette Image Source: Maxpixel

The verdict is in. The official color palette for spring 2018 is going to feature bold, solid, monochrome ensembles. And we cannot thank our stars enough. The best thing about the monochrome trend is that it makes life so much easier. One can buy almost anything in a single color and make it look consistent with the overall look. You are free to experiment with pairing all kinds of materials, fabrics and accessories. As long as you maintain the same color consistently, you’ll be a winner. Say goodbye to mornings of confusion where you stressed about which trousers to pair with that top.

7.  Sheer Delight

Spring fashion is associated typically with lightness. It seems designers have caught on to that idea to come up with the fabric of the season—sheer. We spotted a great number of ensembles crafted with transparent sheer materials. As far as playing around with the fabric is concerned, there is a lot that you can do. Layering is a great example. Add volume with layers of tulle to create a design that flatters your figure.

These trends are all there for you to pick, but there are some. Monochrome and color blocking are some of the safer trends while you can really challenge yourself with sequins and vinyl jeans. It’s up to you how far you want to experiment with your looks and push the envelope.

Featured Image Source: Pexels

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