Taking the Stairs- Reaching the Top of Some of The World’s Tallest Buildings


Some of The World’s Tallest Buildings

Our society has witnessed a fitness revolution to which we are an increasingly fit and healthy society. But would many of us choose to take the stairs in the world’s tallest buildings? For most, and even some of the most gym-obsessed focused workers, we would probably jump in a lift to reach the top, just to save time.

But are we even saving that much time? Nifty Lift is a company that know a thing or two about large buildings, as they manufacture cherry pickers and other working at height platforms, and they have looked into how long it actually takes to reach the top of some of the world’s tallest buildings if you took the stairs.

The walking pace of someone can heavily depend on weight, build and fitness. However, some gym equipment can give a good indication. For instance, the average stair stepper can reach high speeds of 174 steps per minute, but the average person would struggle to exceed 100 steps per minute. On average, you burn 0.17 calories per step.

Disclaimer: We don’t expect any average person to actually manage 100 steps per minute up a skyscraper. You’d need to stop for rests! That figure also doesn’t take incline, elevation or members of the public slowing you down on stairwells.

Taipei 101

Situated in Taipei, Taiwan, this huge bamboo inspired skyscraper stands at 448 metres and commands stunning views.


With 101 floors, the building has a whopping 2,046 stairs – and they only take you to the 91st floor! An elite stair runner could battle up the stairs in 20 minutes and 30 seconds based on a speed of 100 steps per minute. Sound easy? That is without stopping to catch breath, and that is virtually impossible…

However, by battling the stairs at a leisurely pace, you would burn around 347 calories on the trip which is essentially a bacon sandwich. Fancy giving it a go? You will have to resist getting the lift that will get you up to the 89th floor in just 37 seconds!

One World Trade Centre

One World Trade Centre, situated in Manhattan, stands tall with pride at 541m high in defiance and memoriam of the devastating terrorist attacks in 2001.

One World Trade Center

Also acting as a workplace, some people have to battle up the 541m building to make their way to work. Its super-fast elevator that travels at 23mph and reaches the 102nd floor in 60 seconds which doesn’t seem as bad does it?

However, if you chose to make your way up the 2,226 stairs it would take around 22 minutes and 3o seconds to reach the top at an unrelenting running pace. With that mind, champion stairs runners currently hold the title record of 14 minutes and 26 seconds from bottom to the top.

If you battled the stairs at a normal pace, you could burn around 378 calories which is the same as 100 grams of blueberry muffin.

The Empire State Building

One of the most famous iconic buildings in the world was the first true ‘skyscraper’ – the Empire State Building.

Empire State Building

Standing at 443m tall to its tip and therefor holds 1,576 steps. To reach the top of those stairs it would take approximately 15 minutes and 45 seconds, meaning that a normal pace you would burn around 267 calories – that’s the same as a full Mars Bar!

But the lift seems so tempting, travelling at 22km/h, it can transport you from the bottom to the top in just 62 seconds.

Burj Khalifa

Holding the title of the world’s tallest building, the great jewel of Dubai stands at 828m. But this is just 1/10th of the height of Mount Everest!

Burj Khalifa

The Burj holds the accolades for the highest number of stories, highest occupied floor, highest outdoor observation deck and the longest travel distance of any elevator. Which is no surprise when you think it holds 2909 stairs! For most, even at your quickest pace, you would still spend 29 minutes and 5 seconds climbing. That’s essentially half an hour. Perhaps only the most elite athletes on earth could manage such a speed across such a tall building. Even at a leisurely pace, you’d burn 494 calories, which is almost as much as a chicken nugget Happy Meal from McDonalds.

Alternatively, you could take the lift. The world’s tallest building’s elevators travel 36km/h or 600m/minute. You’ll reach the top of the building in 1 minute 22 seconds.

Final Thoughts

It seems fairly obvious that for all but the most physically-focused people, the elevators of the world’s tallest buildings are a must-use. However, for those want to kick-start their fitness regime, taking the stairs presents a calorie-burning, endurance-testing experience.


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