Five Street Safety Precaution Tips For Women

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Taking safety precautions for yourself in this world that is constantly in an unrestful state has become one the most essential things to consider. Not only women and children but men also need to take into account how to keep themselves safe and sound, and hope to be fully armed at least most of the time they are out of their homes. Street violence is one of the most crucial and unresting forms of terror.

People would be having a very regular day, walking in the streets and any unexpected occurrence would really set them back leaving them traumatised. What is more disturbing is that these cases are taking place regularly and increasing day by day. No matter how secure the higher authorities ensure that their citizens are, it is our own responsibility that we take into account at least our own and our family’s safety.

The thought of these dreadful incidents put women in a more worrisome state. The focus of this article is on what women must do to ensure their safety. Here are five safety tips that women have to acknowledge to make sure that they’ve done their part in protecting themselves.

  • Firstly and foremostly it is very important for a woman to be super attentive and alert when they are walking in the street alone. Observe the tiniest details that you can capture of people you are surrounded by in a glance. Be smart about walking in the streets. Read people’s eyes, listen to the sound of their footsteps, arguments, cars etc, acknowledge the most out of your surroundings and trust your gut.
  • Women need to be armored with the level 4 body armor, not all the time but most of the time, when they know they have to visit a place where any unlikely situation is likely to occur. This body armor has a top to bottom and left to right ceramic coverage, so there would be less chances of any serious injuries to occur. The best thing to consider self-defense is basically investing into the bodysuits as well that seamlessly provide full body protection.
  • Women need to carry soft weapons like; pepper sprays, knives and sedation sprays with them all the time. If not even a regular deodorant would do. It is important for women to consider sharing their destination and departure location with their friends and family. In case of any incident occurring the entire route can be tracked down. Women must share the details of their rider with their friends and family members if they are using a cab. If possible women must travel with a guy.
  • If you have to travel at night or walk home alone at night, you most likely would want a buddy to accompany you. If not, make sure to be confident in your own skin. Keep the weapon handy and walk in the areas where there is more light. If it is possible, avoid walking home at night.

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