Motorcycle Trips!

The summer season is the start of road tripping and one trendy way to take a trip is to go on a motorcycle. You may have already noticed more motorcycles in your area or on the highway. With that often comes a hidden desire to hop on and just go! Before you do, the very first thing you should check is your insurance. Getting a motorcycle insurance quote is easy but there are some things to consider that could save you money before you take that trip.

Let the Wind Whip in Your Hair

One of the greatest thrills to riding a motorcycle is the feel of the wind on your face and through your hair. Hugging curves in the road and embracing all those elements are like a little thrill ride without a trip to the amusement park. Anyone who regularly rides will recognize that sparkle in the eye when you talk about riding through mountains and along the coast.

Unfortunately, the thrill of feeling the wind on your face and through your hair means you are probably not wearing a helmet. Laws vary from state to state and only 3 (New Hampshire, Illinois, and Iowa) currently lack any helmet law at all. Regardless of laws, there is a real danger to not wearing safety gear when riding a motorcycle. Because of this danger, motorcycle insurance can often be costlier than auto insurance.

However, if you indicate your use of safety gear and live in a state that requires it, you can sometimes get a discount on your insurance. The biggest concern is that another driver will hit you. It’s unfortunate but many auto drivers just don’t notice motorcycles as well as the other vehicles on the road. A helmet can save your life should you come near one of these unfortunate drivers.

Don’t Be Bogged Down

Another fantastic reason for traveling by motorcycle is that you feel freer in transportation. Not just because you are on a two-wheeled vehicle, but because there is less stuff. When we travel by car, we load up everything we can think of. Motorcycle riding limits us to what we can carry in saddlebags and our backs. This means that when you can stop for the night at a motel, there is no unloading of several suitcases and a trunkful of comfort items.


This also means you must get crafty with your essential items for your trip and minimizing how much shopping you do at your various destinations. Less space for stuff is a challenge when you have been used to years of lugging around luxuries and buying items on a whim.

Focus on Intimacy

Motorcycle trips get tricky for families who don’t all have motorcycles of their own to ride. If you have small children or infants, you are not going to be able to hop them on and just go (laws vary from state to state on children who can ride). There are ways around that by piling in non-motorcycle riders into a car and following the motorcycle on the adventure. Plenty of families does this sort of thing so that everyone enjoys their vacation.

This could also be the perfect time for Mom and Dad to focus on a getaway that is just for the two of them. Limit their interactions with others and reconnect in a fantastic way. Or it can be friends that haven’t seen each other in a long time. Riding with friends or loved ones brings them together and is a memorable way to spend a weekend or holiday.

Whatever reason you need for a motorcycle ride this summer, just go out and do it. Enjoy it. Be safe, watch for other drivers. Make those memories that will last you a lifetime and make them your tradition each year. You won’t be sorry you did!

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