The Top Five Reasons to Rent a Party Bus

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Rent a Party Bus

Whether it’s to celebrate a job, graduation, marriage proposal, anniversary – or just for the sheer fun of it – there’s nothing in the world quite like a party. Even the word is festive and energizing.

However, as you know, there are parties, which are fun — and then there are PAR-TAYS, which are freakin’ amazing. And the simplest way to elevate from the former to the latter is by renting a party bus. Here are the top five reasons to have your next bash on wheels:

1. Turn a Party into an Event

We’ve already covered this, but it bears repeating because folks who’ve yet to personally experience a party bus may have a hard time grasping what they’re missing: it’s not a party anymore, it’s an event. There’s simply nothing like cruising and carousing at the same time. When the transportation is the destination, you’ve entered epic party territory.

2. Impress the Heck Out of Everyone

A party bus is like a mobile club complete with advanced sound system, custom lighting, uplevel furniture, and of course, plenty of “adult beverage” selections. So in other words: you know that person you really like? They’ll be impressed when they climb aboard your party bus. And you know the person you really hate? They’ll be even more impressed. How can you lose?

3. There’s a Designated Driver

Designated Drivers are the salt of the earth. But sometimes even salt needs to shake it off (get it?) and have some fun. With a party bus, there’s always a professional designated driver who ensures that everyone is safe, and nobody is forced to drink one dreadful soda lime after another, or risks getting smacked with a DUI.

4. It’s Not Expensive

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Many people new to the party bus experience are pleasantly surprised to discover that it’s not an expensive option. Better yet, if you get together with your friends and divvy up the cost, it’s even cheaper. And most party bus operators will let you bring your own alcohol (provided of course that you’re of age), which adds even more value.

5. Explore the Town

Staring out the window of a club is probably impossible, since most of them don’t have windows in the first place. And even if they did, chances are you’d have a direct view of a brick wall or alley. But with a party bus, you can explore the town (or country, if you prefer) and the view becomes part of the adventure. There’s really nothing like being ushered into twilight by your favorite deadmau5 track while spinning at 60mph.

The Bottom Line

Party is one of the best words in the world, and frankly, the planet would be in much better shape in every way if more people spent time partying, and less time, well, making life crappy for themselves and everyone else around them. But with this being said, once you climb aboard a party bus and personally experience all of the benefits above, you’ll have a new favorite phrase, and a glorious new purpose in life: to spend as much time on a party bus as possible. Go forth my friend, your festive chariot awaits!

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