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public safety workers

Public safety workers are important to all of us. What if you are involved in an automobile accident, your house is on fire, you fall and break your leg? Who responds to help you? Public safety workers do. There are many different types of public safety workers, and this article is going to take you through them.

A law enforcement officer is the first type of public safety worker that we will discuss. Law enforcement, or police officers, are the people we see on the scene of basically anything that happens. You will see police officers on the scenes of automobile accidents, you will see them at schools, and you may even see them in your rear-view mirror if you are speeding.

A lot of the time, you can identify that it is a police officer by the police hat they are wearing. Police officers help to keep us out of harm’s way by responding to domestic calls, a break-in, or theft. Police officers are there to not only write tickets, but also to serve the community. They are there to help us.

Another type of public safety worker is those involved in fire and rescue. Fire and rescue personnel respond to the scenes of fires and automobile accidents. They may respond to other incidents as well, but these are the ones that you hear most about. Fire and rescue personnel will help to put out fires, they will be there to help lift and move patients if needed, and are there for support. Fire and rescue personnel can perform water rescues and other types of rescues. The jobs that fire and rescue personnel perform are pretty much endless. They can do just about anything to protect and serve the community.

A member of the public safety community that you see quite often is a security officer. Security officers can work at many different places, including schools, hospitals, jails, even different types of stores. These security officers are there to walk and scan the perimeters. They are there to make sure no one comes in trying to harm anyone else, and are basically there to help protect everyone. Security officers work hard to make sure that the area of which they are serving stays safe and protected.

An EMT is another type of public safety worker that is so necessary. An EMT is an emergency medical technician. They are there to respond to accidents, homes when people are sick or hurt, fires, and any other type of incident that may involve someone being injured. EMTs are trained to be able to treat injuries and help people who are sick. EMTs are trained to perform CPR and give different types of medications, if needed. They respond to the scene, access the condition of the patients, and transport them to the nearest medical facility as quickly as possible. EMTs have to work fast, but they also make sure that the help they are performing is right for each individual patient. They do a lot to help the people of their community.

The responsibilities of public safety officers grow every day. There is always a need for new techniques and new ideas of how to serve the community. The need for public safety workers grows daily as more accidents and illness happen. The jobs of public safety workers will never go away. We will always need them. They are very important to every community. We want them around if our loved one gets sick or hurt. Public safety workers are underappreciated and overworked, but they still love what they do. They love to serve members of the community. Be thankful for the people that go through all the training, and leave their loved ones at any moment of the day, to come help and save yours. So when you see those blue lights flashing in your rearview mirror, make sure you thank that officer for serving your community as he writes you that big fat ticket. Just be thankful they are protecting you and your loved ones.

As you can see, the public safety community serves and protects their cities and towns. You can feel much safer knowing they are on the job 24/7.

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