Plus Size Swimwear Is In this Season so hop Online to Find Yours

Plus Size Swimwear

For too long women have been saddled with the expectation that they should look like Audrey Hepburn, Cindy Crawford, or Halle Berry in a swimsuit. Often, these unreal expectations have only served to make curvy women feel unattractive and apprehensive about donning a bathing suit.

Thanks to trailblazing plus-size advocates and models like Philomena Kwao, Tess Holliday, and Ashley Graham, many of the old stigmas about curvy women and beach attire have come crashing down — paving the way for body positive and forward-thinking fashion. The swimwear community has opened up to women of all shapes and sizes, making it possible for any woman to find something flattering to wear for a day of leisure at the beach or pool; the key is knowing where to shop.

Department stores are still catching on to this upwardly trending wave of curvy women and high fashion, especially when it comes to swimwear. Of course you can probably go into any store and find a bathing suit that fits well enough, but by and large, department stores still do not offer the greatest selection for that plus-sized diva looking for sex-appeal, comfort, and the latest trends. If you find something in your size, the chances are that it is a matronly black frock.

For the plus size demographic, online shopping is the golden ticket. There is always a plethora of deals and steals online waiting to be taken advantage of. Take a website like swimsuitsforall as an example: right now you can take advantage of a site-wide 30% off; in fact, you can browse the entire inventory with the movement of the mouse and not have to walk all over a crowded store to compare and contrast styles. As an industry leader and trendsetter in plus-sized swimwear, supermodel and plus size advocate Ashley Graham has her own line on display there. not only has some of the hottest styles of the year, but it also boasts a photo gallery of plus size models wearing the available swimsuit designs.

Many women begin to worry that they don’t have a proper ‘swimsuit shape,’ but the reality is that there are choices for women of every shape. For curvier bodies the main thing to keep in mind is highlighting your curves and looking for a swimsuit that provides enough support and coverage. It may be wise to stay away from monokinis or tiny string bikinis because these can accentuate your widest areas. Asymmetrical swimsuits, on the other hand, have a focus on the neckline which will highlight the pleasing area from a woman’s neck to her collarbone. Colorblock styles and retro swimsuits (such as high-waisted bikinis) can help to highlight your shape, as well.

There are plenty of styles that allow for sex-appeal and coverage for the curvaceous fashionista in you. From handkerchief tankinis, to skirtinis and shortinis, these fashions are all comfort and style. For the plus-sized diva who wants to flaunt her curves, there are the high-waist bikini bottoms that hug the waistline and hips without being too revealing. Also, there are many dazzling one-piece bikinis that are sheer in the waist area, shoulders, and back, giving some to the eye and leaving plenty for the imagination.


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