Look Stylish Adopting these Simple Tips

color dress

A Universal Yellow Jacket

Yellow jacket is not only chic but also complements all the outfits and goes with almost all the colors.

Match the Shoes with Bag

match the shoes with bagImage Source: Pixabay

The bag should complement the shoes more than the dress.

A Belt Combo

leather bag, jeansImage Source: Pixabay

Leather bag, jeans and belt is the best combo for a stylish look.

Flatten the Shape

body fitted dressImage Source: Pxhere

Wear the dress that is well fitted to look expensive and elegant. A slightly loose dress that flattens your body shape is the most stylish.

Traditional Designs are Never Out

A traditional, handmade or classic design will always work.

Choose Color Wisely

color dressImage Source: Pxhere

A muted color dresses with natural accents is tasteful and elegant.

Make Simple and Cheap Cloths Look Expensive

simple and cheap dressImage Source: Pxhere

With a little effort and some DIY techniques you can transform a simple and ordinary looking dress into a fashionable one.

Don’t Buy or Keep the Dress for One Occasion

You can have a choice with interchangeable outfits in your wardrobe. Use the accessories cleverly without wasting money.


scarvesImage Source: Pixabay

Wear it around the neck or on the head, scarves are classy.

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