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With the brand new tech that is the iPhone 7 Plus, you can’t add just anything to it without thought. Whether it’s a fresh hot app or cool accessory, you have to investigate these additions to make sure they match your style and the quality of the phone. Admittedly, curating a personalized 7 Plus comes with a lot of work. There’s a lot to get used to with the latest generation, even if you’ve upgraded straight from its predecessor the 6s Plus. Luckily, its A10 chip with 64-bit architecture means it’s capable of running more things simultaneously at faster speeds, and its 256GB of storage means you don’t have to choose between one app and another in fear of receiving a “storage almost full” pop-up.

Some discernment is still necessary in order to customize your device, and the same goes for the attachments you fasten to the Plus in order to personalize the way it looks. You may need some time and effort to locate the most stylish accessory for your phone, but in the end it’s worth it; you’ll be able to find the greatest looking attachment that may just do more than update the iPhone’s duds.

Typically, when it comes to personalization, there are two options. In one corner, there are cases — which consist of hard, thick plastic that encase the electronic. In the other corner, there are skins — which consist of thin, flexible pieces of vinyl that wrap around the gadget. Unfortunately, it’s not an even match when they go head to head, especially when it comes to the iPhone 7 Plus. While a case will certainly transform the look of the iPhone, you could argue it changes it too much. Due to its clunky materials, it beefs out the typically slim 7 Plus and creates a bit of a monster that’s difficult to hold. It can even interfere with the smartphone’s built-in functions.

Skins, on the other, work with the phone. Skins made by some companies, such as the boss of vinyl dbrand, are made with the same slim and sophisticated design elements that Apple uses. They can offer the same opportunity for personalization without any of the drawbacks. Any decal or wrap like those dbrand skins for your iPhone 7 Plus are measured within the micro-millimeter of the phone, so that it offers the tightest fits around its unique curves, corners, camera lens, and buttons. A skin’s lightweight and nearly-there addition to the phone doesn’t negatively affect how well it fits in your hand. In fact, due to its natural texture, it actually makes it easier to grip.

Cases and skins alike can offer cool colors and textures, but only an iPhone 7 Plus skin can look cool and complement the phone’s curves. It also comes with the added benefit of protection. Though thin, the addition of the skin creates a barrier between your delicate phone and the harsh world, saving it from cosmetic damages that can destroy the devices good looks.

When you can guarantee a tailor-made cut that works with the phone, you’ll know you’ve made the right choice. It may take some time (especially if you aren’t sure which color to choose) but in the end, like every other decision you’ve made since pre-ordering the latest gen, it’s worth it. Go looking for the best fitting style accessory and protect your phone.

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