How to Fix an Ineffective Marketing Campaign

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There are few mistakes in business more damaging than making errors with marketing content. After all, online marketing efforts are how modern companies interact with their consumer base. If a business fails to engage with leads in a meaningful way through marketing content like blogs, web pages, social-media posts, and digital advertisements –– then that business will likely take a financial hit as a result. Every cloud has a silver lining, though. In fact, failed marketing campaigns offer savvy business owners an opportunity to explore better strategies or even rebrand. To help you get started, here are four ways your company can revitalize a flagging marketing campaign with new and exciting tactics:

Repurpose Old Content

Sometimes, a marketing campaign simply goes stale over a period of time. Considering how quickly the business world changes, it’s easy to see why readers won’t connect with content from a few years ago. The good news is, most of the time marketing teams don’t have to scrap a once-effective campaign completely to start getting results again. Unlike other media, you can update a professional blog or web page at any time. Don’t put your team under strain by writing dozens of new blogs –– instead update your existing material with new information.

Think Linear

In many instances, when a lead views your marketing content will have a big effect on how they perceive it. You can’t control when during the buyer’s journey a lead will find your marketing material, but you can work to create content for each stage of that journey. If your content is almost solely focused on bottom-of-the-funnel conversions, you may want to consider writing more general pieces that will attract a greater number of leads in the first place.

Answer the Hard Questions

Why do people read marketing content? Simple: they want answers. They want to know how to stain a deck, or change a tire, or fix a leaky faucet. If your marketing content doesn’t currently answer the tough questions that your consumer base regularly asks, then you’ll struggle to generate leads online. Remember, it’s okay to write rich, detailed content in order to address complicated topics.

Change Lanes

Perhaps your content is informative. And perhaps it covers every step of the buyer’s journey. And your content may even be fresh and relevant. If you’ve done everything you can with a marketing campaign, but you’re still unable to draw in leads, then it’s possible you’re chasing after the wrong people. Before marketers launch a full-scale campaign, they should take the time to build out in-depth buyer personas and perform diligent market research. Asking demographic survey questions and requesting feedback from current clients can provide marketers with a blueprint to create better strategies in the future.

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