5 Ways Earth Networks Can Help Increase Public Safety

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increase public safety

Increase Public Safety

Severe weather conditions can pose significant risks to the public. Accuracy in weather assessment and forecasting is a major component in increasing public safety. Earth Networks’ sophisticated meteorological solutions can help professionals in the areas of education, public recreation, airport management, and utilities develop timely and effective responses to potential threats.

1.  Precise, Localized Networks

Earth Networks uses multiple weather stations to collect up-to-the-second data on weather indicators such as heat, barometric pressure, wind velocity, and more. Because Earth Networks’ storm detectors use complete and current data, they are able to deliver highly accurate information.

2.  Real-time Data

Weather conditions can change rapidly, sometimes as a response to seemingly minor factors. Earth Networks systems use sensors that receive data every two seconds, allowing them to generate real-time weather displays that show developments as they occur.

3.  Better Lead Times

When dealing with an incoming weather emergency, every minute counts. Because Earth Networks’ weather stations aggregate and push data rapidly, while registering developments in weather systems as they occur, you can receive alerts as soon as the system detects likely hazards. This gives you the time you need to take appropriate measures to protect the public.

4.  Custom Alerts

Depending on your role, you may need some very specific types of weather notifications. Earth Networks allows you to customize your alert parameters so you can receive the essential updates you need. You can tailor your alerts to cover specific facility locations and types of weather changes. High-decibel alert systems are available for outdoor facilities.

5.  Availability of Historical Data

Earth Networks maintain a historical database containing the data its weather stations gather worldwide. You can use this data to identify hidden ways in which particular weather events can affect safety in a given locale, including meteorological conditions that correlate to equipment malfunction.

Visit the Earth Networks website for more information and case studies on how its solutions can help you protect the public.

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