The Importance of English Language

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Importance of English Language

In today’s world, English is more than a language. It has become a symbol of education and success. A major reason for this is that English is the new global language that people understand almost everywhere. Furthermore, if you improve your English communication skills along with your academics, then you can easily get admission in a well-reputed college; which then leads to better jobs. In this article we will discuss the importance of the English language.

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Historical Background:

It is amazing that almost 1 billion people across the world speak English. Apart from this, almost 67 countries in the world have English as their official language. Whereas, nearly 27 countries have English as their second official language. The basic reason behind this widespread use of the English language is the British empire. The British ruled over so many countries and as their native language is English. So, they forced the people of those countries to speak the English language and thus English became a common language in those countries. A common example is Ireland where people speak English now instead of their native Gaelic language.

Undoubtedly, the history of the English language is harsh but its future is shining because a majority of the people across the globe can understand English. Therefore, if you want to excel in your personal as well as professional life you have to learn English.

Reasons why you Need to Learn the English Language?

There are many reasons why you must learn the English language and some of them are:

Creates New Opportunities:

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One of the topmost benefits of learning English is that it opens doors of new opportunities for you. When you learn English, you can communicate with people internationally thus more job opportunities are available for you. The global job market provides far better salaries than your local market. So, by learning the English language you can compete for global positions in big MNCs because they prefer bilingual people. After learning English, the chances of your promotion increase because by learning to speak an international language you can communicate on larger forums for your company. No matter whichever career path you are choosing to follow learning English will always provide benefit to you. Therefore, experts recommend that all professionals must know at least the basics of English. Learning the English language can really help you in your everyday life. Because, it will help you to understand the meanings of many abbreviations such as HMU meaning and LMAO e.t.c and where you can use these terminologies.

Helps you in Getting into Good Institutions:

If your English language skills are good you can easily get into your dream institution. You require an English proficiency test to get admission in almost every institute throughout the world. No matter in whichever, international college or university you want to take admission in you will be needing to pass your TOEFL or IELTS. Both of these are English language proficiency tests which measure the level of your English language skills. Even if you want to get a job or immigration into one of the English-speaking countries you need to pass these exams with good grades. However, even if you’re highly educated and don’t want to take admission anywhere still these tests will help you in improving your English language skills.

Connects you With the World:

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As English is the most widely understood language in the world so, it helps you in communicating with different people worldwide. There are more than 1 billion people over the internet that communicate using the English language. Therefore, if you know how to read, write and talk in English you can make tons of friends online on social networking sites. All the news published over the internet is in the English language. However, if you view any page in another language you can easily translate it into English your browser gives you this option.

Apart from this, you will be able to read international news and articles because they are usually published in English. This way you can keep yourself updated on the ongoing world affairs by following tweets. In today’s world of technology, every important officeholder makes their statements through twitter. Therefore, if you are well aware of the English language then you can easily follow and understand these tweets. However, if you are a science student then learning English is a must for you as it can help you a lot. This is due to the fact that almost all international publications are in English.

Helps in Keeping you Entertain:

Knowing the English language can also help you with entertaining yourself. If you are a gamer then English can help you in playing any game you desire as all the video games come in English. So, even if a gameisn’t available in your native language so can always play the English version. All good books are available in the English language even bestseller books from localauthor get translated into English. Therefore, if you want to add masterpieces in your library learn the English language.

Hollywood is the most watched movie industry all over the world and all of its movies are in English. If you want to keep yourself updated with the latest superhero movies you must learnbasic English. If you are an otaku then the only way to keep yourself updated with the latest anime is by learning English or Japanese. In this case, learning English is like a piece of cake when compared with the Japanese language. Moreover, if you follow all the trending seasons then you can enjoy them on English websites like Netflix, YouTube, etc. You can alsoread English blogs like General Queen to improve your English and at the same time get updated on the latest trends.


Language is the basic tool through which human beings interact. Therefore, if you want to succeed in your life you need to develop and upgrade your communication skills. Learning the English language plays a crucial role in this regard because it is the most widely spoken and understoodlanguage in the world. So, if you want to succeed in life then we recommend that you should improve your English language skills. You can easily improve your English there are dozens of helping books available over the internet that can help you in this regard.

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