Top 5 hair care routines for healthy hair

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Top 5 hair care routines for healthy hair

Hair Care for Healthy Hair

Do you know what type of hair you have?
Well, even if you don’t know, we have got you covered.

Before talking about best sustainability tips for healthy hair, let’s first know how many types of hair there are.

There are four types of hair:

  • Straight
  • Wavy
  • Curly
  • Kinky

Each hair type is unique in its own kind, having its upsides and downsides like, straight hair is commonly mostly liked because of the stigma built around it’s uniqueness and prettiness so much so that women with short hair usually get tape in extensions. However, straight hair get greasy quicker than curly hair.

Perhaps, let’s stick around the real topic for discussion, which is hair care for healthy hair.

Hair problems


If you are someone who frequently bleaches or dyes their hair, you probably experience hair problems more than the person who doesn’t. People with dyed hair are usually told that washing their hair everyday would damage their hair more preventing premature color fading while bleached hair may require some extra nourishment via conditioner or hair masks. Trendy hairdos are enough to have women compromise the health of their hair. People often can get enough of using heat tools to get the best styling for hair, perhaps completely ruining their hair life. Some women experience more hair fall than others. While others have frizzy hair or a flaky scalp. People also experience dry scalp or dandruff problems with dry or damaged hair strands.

Honestly, it’s good to study your hair before finding a solution to solve the problem. Knowing the problem is usually considered as hald task to be performed. Once you know what the problem is, the solutions usually come off easy.

Hair Care Tips

Here are some basic hair care tips that can help you with getting rid of major hair problems.

Wash Your Hair Regularly and Keep Yourself Hydrated.

Keeping your scalp clean is essential. Your hair must be free of dirt and excess oil. Depending on your hair type, If you have dry hair, wash your hair twice a week but for oily hair, washing your hair every other is preferable.

  • Chemical Free Shampoos


Limited number of chemicals in your shampoo ensures healthier hair for all hair types. Gentle shampoos are encouraged. Shampoos rich in Sulfates and parabens may increase the risk of hormonal disruptions and may cause skin irritation as well.

  • Hair Conditioning


Conditioners contain ingredients that make the hair smoother, more manageable and fall straight. Conditioners protect your hair from environmental aggressors and heat styling but they are only applied on the tips of the hair, not the scalp and are also to be rinsed off thoroughly.

  • Let Hair Dry Naturally


Excessive heat styling can damage your hair scalp badly. What is recommended is that you let your hair air dry or towel dry after shampoo. Avoid sleeping in wet hair or even combing wet hair. Always be as gentle with your hair as you are with your skin.

  • Oiling


Oiling before washing your hair or massaging your scalp has proven to improve blood circulation. It also relaxes your muscles, helps with hair shine and provides your hair with the best nourishment. Restoring the moisture content oiling also enables hair growth repairing the ever problematic split ends. Best hair oils for your scalp? Any oil, literally! But the best ones are coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, castor oil and blackseed oil.

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