7 Adverse Health Effects of Cosmetic Surgeries

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This is the age of body shaming and Photoshop induced perfections that have disabled a considerable chunk of the population into accepting their natural attributes. As a result, there has been a tremendous increase in the revenue generated by the cosmetic surgery business.

Such surgeries are not only limited to women because more and more men are also going under the knifeto achieve the societal standards of beauty in specialist places like Absolute Cosmetic Medicine Nedlands. For men, it all started with balding men looking for their hair loss solutions like hair transplants and scalp micro-pigmentation.

Health Effects of Cosmetic Surgeries

Today, both sexes are striving to achieve the beauty standards set by society, but there is something very wrong about this attitude. Because this attitude not only has devastating psychological impacts, but it also leads to cosmetic surgeries which are highly detrimental procedures.

Therefore, we have listed down 7 adverse health effects of cosmetic surgeries that should deter you from undertaking them.

1. You will be Left with Scars

Cosmetic surgeries have a significant tendency to leave you with scars irrespective of the competence and experience of the doctor and the associated institution. Ironically, the attempt to make yourself perfect leads to more imperfections.

2. You will Bear the Effects of Anesthesia:

Anesthesia employed during surgery is extremely detrimental to your health, and its effects even worsen if you are overweight or have a history of heart diseases.

3. You will be Prone to Hemorrhage or Hematoma:

Cosmetic surgeries lead to bleeds and bruises in the affected area, but fortunately, our body has a clotting mechanism that helps the bleeding stop and then reabsorbs the formedblood clots. But sometimes, these blood clots are not absorbed back and therefore require additional surgeries for removal.

Moreover, if these bleeds go out of control, they can cause a significant drop in blood pressure leading to life-threatening situations.

4. You Will be Prone to Infection

Infection is one of the significant complications of cosmetic surgeries and must be appropriately addressed by antibiotics before it goes to full throttle.

5. You will Face Temporary to Permanent Nerve Damage:

Tingling and numbness are the symptoms reflective of the nerve damage that is often caused by cosmetic surgeries. This damage can be both temporary and permanent. For example, at least one-fourth of the women are reported to experience reduced nipple sensation after breast augmentation.

6. You will Face Organ Damage:

Organ damage is a significant issue, especially in liposuction, because this surgery always runs the risk of nicking major organs as sharp surgical probes operate in their vicinity.

7. You will Still not be Perfect:

After going through cosmetic surgery, you will still not look perfect because perfection is realistically unattainable, no matter how many cosmetic surgeries you go through. Because there will always be something that you would want to change about yourself.

Cosmetic surgeries are touted to be a factor in increasing the self-esteem of people because they eliminate people’s perceived physical shortcomings. But, it is not that simple because such surgeries carry risks, and their success is never guaranteed. Lstly, even if the surgery is successful, you will still not be perfect, then why bother?

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