Reasons to Have a Living Will

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Living Will

No one wants to think about something terrible happening to them, but life is very unpredictable. On top of the emotional toll this will take on your loved ones, you don’t want there to be even more stress because they’re unsure what to do.

A living will let you decide what your wishes are in the off chance you are unable to communicate because of an accident. The experts at Diamond & Diamond state: “Planning ahead for your future and articulating a clear plan for distributing your assets after you pass away is extremely important.”

There are many reasons why you should have a will, even if you are young and healthy.

Your Life, Your Decision

Until now, you have chosen how you want to live your life: where you live, your job, your spouse, and much more. If you get into a situation that might be your last days, you want to be able to decide what you want.

A living will let you choose how long you will be left on life support, or if you want to be resuscitated or be operated on. Some of us want to hold on as long as we can, and others would rather be let go naturally.

Whatever you want in the last days of your life is totally up to you, and a living will lets your family and friends know exactly what you want. Also, a living will can be used to decide where your assets go after you pass.

Eliminates Family Feud

In every family, there will be some people who want to keep you on life support forever, and others who feel they should let you go. Also, maybe you had a conversation with your spouse about what you want, but not your parents or siblings.

If it’s not written down, this can cause a lot of feuds if your family doesn’t agree with what your spouse tells them. In such an emotional time for those who love you, you don’t want there to be an argument about you.

Having a living will gives everyone peace of mind that what they are doing is what you want. Even if someone doesn’t agree, it is your wish.

Avoid High Medical Costs

When you spend days or even weeks in the hospital, you can run up quite the bill. If you don’t have great life insurance or savings, this can create a severe financial burden on your loved ones.

Very few of want to leave our family in that kind of bind. If you have a will, you can put a limit on how much you want the medical bills to be or how long you stay in the hospital on life support.

You can have the peace of mind that, at the end of your life, your family will be able to enjoy what you leave them, not stressed out on how to pay for your medical bills.

No Unnecessary Legal Fees

If a family is in a disagreement about what they should do, they might go to court. This will not only create tension within the family, but also legal fees that can easily be avoided.

On average, an attorney or lawyer costs anywhere from $100 to $300 an hour for their services. On top of medical bills, we’re sure you don’t want your family dishing out thousands of dollars for a court case.

Creating a living will is stronger in court than anyone else’s opinion.

The Bottom Line

Although we often think that nothing bad can happen to us, anything can happen in a blink of an eye. We need to be responsible and plan for unexpected events. One way to do this is by creating a living will.

You can do this quickly online or with an attorney. You should do this, even if you’re still young and healthy. You want the right to decide what happens at the end of your life. It will eliminate disagreements within your family and avoid high medical bills or legal fees.

You should start thinking about what you want and then get started today!

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