Future Smartphones: What Technologies Should You Expect?

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Future Smartphones

Future Smartphones

Smartphones of today are portable mini computers offering us songs, videos, web browsing, games, business applications and what not. It is hard to predict what features the future smartphones would offer. Nevertheless, we stepped ahead and ventured into the territory of future smartphone technologies. Our top picks include:

Future Smartphones: Key Features

1. Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality is usually confused with the virtual reality, while they both differ a lot. Virtual Reality offers a complete artificial environment, whereas Augmented Reality makes use of the elements in a user’s environment and blends it with the digital world. It is a technology which perceives our senses to enhance the use of computer-generated input such as video, graphics, sound and GPS data.

Future smartphones are a good platform for Augmented Reality. Imagine yourself in a Paris street searching for the nearest restaurants and bars. While Google map allows you to find nearby locations, with augmented reality you can just point your camera on the direction of the street and it will automatically provide you with exact details and location of the closest eateries. The idea is present, but it can get a lot better in the near future.

2. Flexible Screens

The future smartphones will be equipped with flexible screens courtesy Organic Light-Emitting Diode technology. The screens can be folded and unfolded according to a user’s needs. It will be a thin screen, which can be used on both sides. This means you can use one app at one side and show pictures and other media on the other side. In this regard, Nokia is working on a device called Morph to turn it into a wearable object around the wrist. You could unfold it when required to use as a conventional handset.

3. In-Built Projector

In addition to flexible screens, the future Smartphones might also feature an in-built projector which will use Digital Light Projection WVGA technology to deliver future-features smart-phones stretching upto 50 inches in size at 15 lumens. This will turn the future smartphones into an interactive gaming console eliminating the need of a TV screen. You will need a flat space and use your voice and body in place of a physical controller to play it. A smart camera will use your movements and voice to let you interact with the future-features smart-phones.

4. Always Charged Smartphone

Future Smartphones Technology

One of the biggest problems of smartphones is the low battery life. However, companies like Ossia and Energous have found a way to tackle this issue through the wireless battery power. These companies are developing a technology which will allow your smartphone to be wirelessly charged through an embedded receiver when you enter a certain powered area.

This is not similar to the conventional wireless charging technology where you have to place your phone on a pad for charging, rather your smartphone will automatically pick up signals and charge itself once it enters someplace with a wireless-power transmitter.

5. 3D Screens

Some smartphones offer Retina Display, sharper than what our eyes can perceive. Though it sounds very intriguing, but this not where the technology stops. Tech giants are now working on 3D future-feature-smartphone screens. There are already some 3D smartphones available in the market such as the Motorola MT810, LG Optimus 3D and Samsung Amoled 3D.

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