Dr. Ashwin Reddy- Addiction Medicine & Psychiatrist located in Arizona

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Addiction Medicine

2nd Chance Treatment Center is the leading provider of outpatient alcohol and opioid addiction treatment in Gilbert, Glendale, and Phoenix. The center also has effective alternative inpatient programs that use evidence-based and integrated approaches to rehabilitation to ensure life-long recovery for women and men who face the challenges of alcohol and opioid addiction.

Dr. Ashwin Reddy, MD, specializes in addiction psychiatry, psychiatry, and addiction medicine. He has the expertise and experience in addressing alcohol and opioid disorders and coexisting psychiatric disorders using unique treatment models that are based on the latest psychiatric and medical research. The model includes behavioral therapy, maintenance medication plans, and family and patient education to enhance the outcomes of treatment and increase the rates of retention.

Dr. Reddy is passionate about helping his patients overcome addiction disorders. With extensive clinical experience and medical training in psychiatry, medication, neurobehavioral-assisted addiction treatment, and psychology, he is dedicated to providing exceptional care to each patient.

About Dr. Reddy

Dr. Reddy, MD, is a board-certified doctor who is highly trained and experienced in treating alcohol and opioid use disorders. He offers his proficiency and care to patients in Gilbert, Glendale, and Phoenix, Arizona, at 2nd Chance Treatment Center.

He is devoted to offering evidence-based therapies in an outpatient setting that result in life-long recovery with a minimal rate of relapse for both women and men. He has broad experience with medication-aided addiction treatments.

Dr. Reddy is also a researcher, and he has co-authored a dissertation on synthetic marijuana and its connection to psychosis in the American Journal of Addictions. He has been an academic lecturer on topics related to PTSD, opioid use, and medical cannabis.

Being born from Southern California, he earned his undergraduate degree in engineering from the University of California. Later, he joined the Boston University School of Medicine, where he received his medical degree in general psychiatry. He completed his internship and community program in addiction psychiatry at the Boston Medical Center.

Dr. Reddy is a registered general psychiatry and addiction psychiatry specialist under the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. He is also a member of the American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry.

Dr. Reddy’s Care Philosophy

Dr. Reddy believes that inpatient treatment is not the only or the best option for treating addiction disorders. There is a better alternative to inpatient rehabilitation – evidence-based outpatient treatment for alcohol and opioid addictions.

2nd Chance Treatment Center, here Dr. Reddy works, approaches the treatment of substance use disorders with evidence-based and integrated plans. The clinic is insurance-based to relieve the financial inconvenience that health care can put on patients and their families. We also provide in-house laboratory affordability and convenience for the patients.

2nd Chance Treatment Center is the first of its class in Arizona. It provides full-service outpatient alcohol and opioid addiction treatment using the latest psychiatric and medical treatment. The team of specialists at the clinic ensures that the patients get effective and long-lasting recovery, with improved results and fewer chances of relapse.

To learn more about the 2nd Chance Treatment Center and the care approaches used by the team, make an appointment online, or call the center that is nearest to you.

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