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Terms and Conditions

Explore Terms and Conditions

When was the last time you read the terms and conditions before you accepted them? If you’re like most of us, the answer is never. Nobody wants to waste their time reading through all 56 pages of Apple’s T&C when all they want to do is update their iPhone. The dense legalese of these end-user licence agreements (or EULAs for short) is practically impossible to get through without wanting to abandon the Internet altogether, so many of us ignore it in favor of clicking ‘agree’ without looking at the text at all. When it comes to your Apple ID or social media accounts, it’s pretty safe to say you can get away with ignoring these T&Cs. But when it comes to something like a small dollar loan, accepting their terms without properly reading them first could be disastrous for your finances.

The trick is to find direct payday lenders online that make it easy to read the full extent of their contracts. Any information regarding their financial products (including the contract itself) should be written in clear, concise language. If you notice a lender uses long-winded contracts, it’s more than likely a predatory strategy to hide away important details regarding the rates and terms of their loans. These lenders try to scare you away from reading every last letter by using complex language. They hope you’re deterred by the length and difficulty of their contracts so you spend as much time and effort reading over the mas you do with the average EULA.

Small Dollar Loan

When you let your desperate need for cash override your common sense, you can get caught in a small dollar loan that’s outside of your means to pay back. Too many people have done exactly that: accept a loan without fully reading the legally binding contract regarding the associated fees and repayment terms. That’s why many of the states across the country have started to impose regulations over the size and rates of these kinds of loans. The government will only award a license to those lenders that abide by their laws.

Next to comprehensible language, a license is a critical feature of a reliable lender. Their license should be relatively easy to find on their website, as this accreditation is such an important feature in their industry. Don’t click any further on their website if this certificate isn’t readily available on their homepage. Only once you can confirm they’re a state licensed lender should you start to investigate the products they provide.

Securing a small dollar loan shouldn’t require an iron-clad will to get through an exhaustive set of T&C weighed down by legal jargon you don’t understand. It should be simple, and a state licensed direct lender with clear contracts makes it so. Check for rates and terms written in plain English so you don’t have to struggle to get through it all. And remember, when it comes to your financial health, never agree to a loan unless you’ve read the entire terms.

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