5 Dating Faux Pas to Avoid at All Costs

Published On: March 6, 2018Last Updated: September 25, 2023
Dating Faux Pas

The dating game has never been more treacherous. Indeed, though ostensibly most everyone wants to achieve marital bliss, the truth is it can be extremely difficult to find the right partner on the dating scene. Which is why it’s all the more important to avoid making any ghastly mistakes on a first date. Whatever you do –– don’t commit any of these five horrid mistakes when out on the town.

Dating Faux Pas

Discussing Religion, Politics

Talking about the afterlife or who you voted for last election are fine topics of conversation for couples in an established relationship. However, they’re absolutely toxic for a casual date. Do your best to steer your discourse toward lighter, more amusing subjects if at all possible.

Fussing Over the Bill

Long dead are the days of “chivalry” when a man was expected to cover all date-related expenses. If your date wants to chip in for drinks or cover a meal –– don’t pull any macho moves to counter. Let them. Paying for a date should be done with benevolence, not out of social expectation or misguided masculine stubbornness. (Also be sure to tip your waiters and bartenders handsomely, regardless of who pays.)

Going to The Movies

What could be more classic than a date at the theater? Just about anything. Not only is the cinema a tired date option to begin with, it won’t allow you any time to get to know your partner. Unless you want to sit in silence next to someone for ninety-plus minutes, pick someplace else to go.


This also includes exaggerating, stretching the truth, and fibbing for effect. Plain and simple be honest with your partners about who you are and what you enjoy. Not only is it the best way to present yourself, but it’s just common courtesy. You wouldn’t want someone to be dishonest with you, after all? So it’s vital to share pertinent info about your past –– even if it’s less-than-flattering. Better to be open and honest early on than to spring an embarrassing surprise down the line.

Talking Too Much

No one likes a blabbermouth. And more than that, people are desperate to be heard and share their stories and experiences. So encourage your date to open up, and you’ll be surprised how swimmingly things can go.


In the end, enjoying a successful date is all about honesty and wellness –– both physical and mental. Take some time on your own to build your self-esteem, and make sure to visit a testing clinic after every sexual encounter. It’ll help you maintain your peace of mind, and let you stay ahead of any potential problems.

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Waqar (nick name is Vicky) loves to travel, explore new places and like to meet new people around the world. Full time journalist, blogger and writer.

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