The Difference between Commercial and Residential Air Conditioning

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Commercial and Residential Air Conditioning

Air conditioning has become a necessity for every residential area or commercial buildings. This is especially true for cities that are humid and hot. Air conditioning not only maintains the temperatures at the right degrees but also keeps the humidity under control, thus creating a perfect environment for the occupants that could be homeowners, customers, employees and others.

Cooling a home and cooling a commercial space:

The ACs in Commercial buildings are very different from residential ACs and require special care regarding the installation and maintenance. The major difference between commercial and home cooling is the amount of power required and the space to be cooled.

  • Commercial ACs:
    As businesses and offices take up more space than homes, the ACs here need to of the right size and capacity in order to perform up to the expectations. They need to cool larger areas and make the space comfortable for more people. They need to deal with all that extra heat given off by more number of people, the employees, and customers present in the workspace. A specially installed system without any short-cycling is repaired to handle the cooling load. Larger businesses are seen to require multiple air conditioners. The most common type of air conditioner for commercial areas is a rooftop package unit that provides both heating and cooling. These systems allow the businesses to make maximum use of space and lower any exposure to the noisy heating and cooling systems. These units are different from home units and are often more complicated to maintain and repair.
  • Residential ACs:
    Residential ACs often come as a single central unit. The evaporators are placed in the basement or the4 garage while the condenser is placed outdoors. They need to cool smaller spaces and are simpler to maintain and take care of. As compared to commercial ACs, the drainage system in the Residential ACs is less extensive. The drainage system in the commercial ACs is more extensive and complex.

Hiring quality AC services and technicians:

Brisbane has a humid subtropical climate with moderately warm winters and hot, humid summers. Thus, if you live in Brisbane, you are defiantly going to need good ACs for your office as well as home. Hire the best commercial AC technicians such as Snowdonia air conditioning Brisbane Northside and stay away from air conditioning contractors carrying narrow experience on commercial and residential air conditioning units. Allow an expert to handle the installation, maintenance, and repairs. The main challenges in sub-tropical climates are that there is no organized, fresh air supply, especially for the split-type air conditioners.

Make sure that the company you hire provides exceptional air conditioning and mechanical solutions for your home or commercials areas. They should be able to take care split air conditioning and ducted air conditioning. You need to be sure that the ACs are running at their optimum and remain energy efficient, or you will be left with hefty electricity bills. Get those technicians for regular servicing and maintenance that will save you time and your money.

Whatever your needs are for commercial and residential air conditioning, you should know that heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning can contribute to energy use and operating costs. Make the best use of existing systems in your home and office rather than going for upgrades and replacements. Ask a competent air conditioning company to optimize your current systems by changing algorithms, making mechanical repairs and alterations and altering control schedules and set points.

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