6 Vital Things to Remember Before Choosing a Web Hosting Provider

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Choosing a Web Hosting Provider

It can be tough choosing a hosting provider regardless if you’re a newbie or a seasoned internet entrepreneur. With the steadily rising number of service providers offering value-added features and services, it can become confusing which to choose.

Web Hosting Provider

That’s why we’ve created this article pointing out the things that actually matter when choosing your next web hosting provider.

  1. Experience

Oftentimes the single most important consideration when choosing your web hosting provider is their experience. How long have the host been in the business? Many new hosts have limited track record that makes it hard to evaluate them. Choosing hosts with years of experience often results in good results and fantastic hosting services as they are more likely to stay in business.

If you’re absolutely new to this, it helps to check the domain and continue with integrated services through providers like Crazy Domains, which have been in the industry for years in different countries around the world.

2. Managed Services

This is sometimes unnecessary if you have sufficient time and knowledge, but more often than not, you won’t be capable or don’t have the time to manage your own server. Therefore, you need to consider a host that offer managed services. If it’s not offered, check out others who do, then compare their managed offerings. Do they have managed security services and backup? What about the prices?

3. Awards and certifications

Another vital factor to consider is a host’s awards and certifications. This will showcase what a company is made of – their actual level of security, compliance to standards, or even that its staff has the knowledge to manage your server. It also speaks more of the experience, performance, and their price. They’ll normally analyse customer service, uptime, server hardware, and other factors.

4. Hardware

The hardware that your host use also plays an important part in your decision-making. Do they make use of servers with the latest generation of processors? Server processor tends to lag behind generation 1 and 2 models. It’s crucial to ensure that the provider is making use of genuine enterprise-grade hardware. Some hosts attempt to cut costs by using consumer hardware, but it typically lacks some reliability and security features that server grade components possess.

5. Price

Prices differ based not only on the services provided or the number of years a provider has been in the market but the track record they can showcase throughout their years of service. Regardless, price remains a vital point to consider, but rather than focusing on that, look at the value the host offers. Many hosts may offer more affordable plans but lack the necessary features and services. The right host won’t always be the cheapest, but the one that fits your requirements.

6. Support

This is very crucial. Know how your prospective host offers in terms of tech support. Is phoning them possible? At what times? How about support address? A ticketing system? What’s their general response time? Is live chatting available? Do they offer FAQs on their website? Choose a host that offers good customer support. Sometimes this is all that matters to many customers.

End Note

Ensure that you pick the right provider where you can accomplish both domain check and purchase. This ensures a smoother processing and allows quicker transfer of your physical store to the e-commerce world.

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