3 Reasons Chatbots Can Improve Your Business

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You’ve certainly heard of chatbots; it’s a buzzword that has grown a lot in recent years. You may even have used a chatbot (perhaps even without realizing it), but have you considered why a chatbot might be a useful addition to your business toolbox? In this article we’ll have a look at a few reasons why a chatbot can add value to your business.

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What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is a sophisticated piece of software designed expressly to interact with human website or app users (such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp) in a way that assists them to find the information, product or service they might be looking for. An efficient chatbot will create a seamless user experience whilst encouraging and guiding them to the conversion points that the website owner is looking for. Let’s take a look at how chatbots can improve your business:

1.  Opportunity

With a well designed chatbot helping to guide potential customers to important conversion points, you’ll open up so many opportunities to explore new ways to employ this exciting tech and help improve profitability. You can use a bot to help a lead make an appointment with one of your sales team, book a table at a restaurant, help someone select and print a photo or document or even attempt to self diagnose a health issue. In its simplest form it can be used to answer some of your most commonly asked questions or access frequently popular information, but as the technology becomes increasingly more sophisticated; as we drive closer to AI (or the perception of AI) and the machine learning develops so too will the abilities of a chatbot to interact with users successfully.

2.  Measurable Value

Any business sales and marketing tool, your website included, must offer measurable value in order to generate a solid ROI (return on investment). A chatbot can bring value to your business at both ends; reducing operational costs while simultaneously increasing communicative productivity. A chatbot can help to filter the tyre-kickers from users who are far closer to a conversion point and they can do this is huge volumes. Your human sales force can highly benefit from this as it frees them (and your budget) up to focus on key potential customers rather than wasting valuable man hours sifting through sales leads to unearth the golden opportunities.

At the same time you can also use a chatbot to generate more value to your customers; less waiting time, faster access to key information, instant responses via their favorite and most comfortable communication platforms (Facebook, WhatsApp,etc). A better experience for them means more conversions for you.

3.  Scalability

With successful growth, increased demand, and more web or social media traffic inevitably come the need for future-proof scalability. A chatbot delivers on this front in a way that a human workforce just can’t compete. Where your human sales force is limited in terms of capacity and time, a chatbot isn’t so restricted, and is able to take on significantly more concurrent communications without any reduction in quality.

Opportunities to explore new ways to connect with your target audience, generating real, measurable value to your business and a scalable, future-proof business communication tool makes a chatbot a key element of your sales and marketing armory.

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