Trip to california can be pricey, but it is definitely worth a trip if you haven’t ever been! One of the wonderful elements about Cali is that you have plenty of both beaches and mountains. If you are wanting a trip to the paddle ocean and to a forest, California is the place to visit.

If you fly into Van Nuys Airport, you can check out the historical Van Nuys car service! Here, we offer up some tips on how to budget for your trip to the Golden State.

1. Plan Accordingly

Plan Accordingly


In order to figure out how you need to organize and set up your budget, you need to plan out your trip and have a close estimate of how much it will all cost.

Here are some things to consider and write out:

  • Travel (flights, car service, Uber, gas)
  • Lodging (air BnB, hotel, friends/relatives)
  • Food (eating out/groceries)
  • Activities (equipment rentals, shopping, shows, etc)

2. Piggy Bank Account

Piggy Bank Account


Treat saving up for this trip in a different way than your normal savings account. With a vacation fund, it is always helpful to have a tangible reminder of your end goal of getting your dream trip to California.

With that, you can get creative with your “Cali Fund.” Perhaps print out a few pictures of where you want to go when you create your plan.

You can put these pictures next to a glass jar where you put in cash for your trip! This way you can have a visual reminder every day to save up!

3. Cut Corners Other Places

Maybe you eat out more often than you really need to. If that’s the case, you can try and limit your dinners out on the town to save for your trip to California.

There are also many little things that add up you can try and cut back on. If you are a serial coffee shop patron, maybe order a cheaper drink or opt for drinking your coffee at home.

Unnecessary shopping can also add up. While having the latest in clothes and fun gadgets, maybe you can hold off until you get back from your trip to the West Coast.

4. Consider Going With A Friend

Consider Going With A Friend


While you might want a solo trip to Cali, having a travel buddy can cut the budget in half. You can decide if that’s worth it to you. You could also share travel expenses with a friend and meet up at night or at your place of lodging.

It isn’t necessary you do everything with your companion. Just make sure your travel companion is one you can trust. Safety is most certainly key.

Your trip to California will most definitely be unforgettable! If you want to get there sooner rather than later, go ahead and try out some of the tips we laid out for you. See you on the West Coast!

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