At-Home Recording is Now Easier Than Ever

Published On: October 6, 2016By
Recording at home

It used to be that you needed to be discovered by a big-wig music agent before you could record your first album. Or, at the very least, have an in with someone who had access to a recording studio before you could put your music to vinyl. A lot about the music industry has changed over the years, including the way people record their songs. And it’s definitely not on vinyl anymore. Technology has democratized a lot of the process. Small, inexpensive devices and programs have replaced large mixers and systems that the average person can’t afford. Now, as long as you can get your hands on a few pieces of key technology, you can create a quality-made record in your very own home — no music agents or favors necessary!

Recording at home may be easier than ever, but that doesn’t mean you should skimp out on basic pieces of your at-home studio. It doesn’t matter if you’re into hip hop, folk, electronic, or pop music; your studio has to start with a solid foundation if you intend on impressing anyone with your album. These pieces don’t have to be the largest or most expensive gadgets in the world. As long as you go with quality-made equipment, all of which you can find at an online music store, you’ll be doing fine.


Though your mind probably went to mixers and other large devices, let’s start with the basics first. The accessories that make up sound recording equipment are just as important as any other piece of your studio. Audio speakers, wireless speakers, microphones, subwoofers are just the start of these accessories. You can’t effectively judge your tracks if the mics, headphones, or speakers you use affect their quality, after all. The list of what you could need really does go on, and you’ll be able to shorten or lengthen the pieces on yours according to your budget.

Luckily, all of these and more can be found at online music stores like Long & McQuade. These stores, just like their brick and mortar locations, consist of a large inventory of recording studio equipment. You’ll find it easy to locate PA systems, mics, and high quality wireless headphones at Long & McQuade, and you won’t even have to leave your home to order them.

Heavy Hitters:

Now that you’ve found the essentials, it’s time to move onto the big pieces that will do the actual recording. DAWs (Digitial Audio Workstations) are devices and computer programs that help you record instruments and organize their tracks into the sound that you want. There isn’t much that a modern DAW can’t do, especially when you go with brands like Ableton, Logic, and Pro Tools. When combined with MIDI controllers like Native Instruments Keyboards, you’ll have no trouble mixing your songs.

You’ll also want to explore an online music store for digital recording mixers with mic and line inputs, analogue inserts, faders, and phantom power switches; compressors that attach to the channels of your DAW; and multi-track recorders that can act as interface to your computer in your at-home studio.

Last but not least, no at-home studio would be complete without a high-performing laptop or desktop computer. Without this last piece of equipment, you won’t be able to use much of your newly acquired recording studio equipment. That, combined with your list of other devices and programs, may rack up a pretty penny — but it’s nowhere near the cost of renting out a professional studio for a week. You can also keep your costs low by sticking with online music stores like Long & McQuade, which are known for their affordable, yet high quality equipment. So get online to secure everything you need; you can be recording your demo sooner than you think!

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