Why Apple’s New iMac is So Wonderful?

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June 5th, 2017, is a remarkable date for all the iMac users word wide as Apple announced new and much improved version of iMac desktop during annual Worldwide Developers Conference. Retaining the same design as introduced in 2012 iMac, New Kaby Lake chips, Thunderbolt 3 and seamless storage options are introduced in these 2017 iMacs.

The latest retina by Apple’s new iMac gives a unique desktop experience to its users. With new processors, graphic technologies, and much higher bandwidth, it keeps you there. With colorful Retina display, it all comes to life, giving you excellent visual experience. Instead of 24 bits, as displayed in 2014 or 2015 iMacs, this new version outputs 30 bits of color- letting you see over a billion colors.

How such dramatic color bit works?

Most of today’s desktops display feature 8-bit color depth displaying 256 shades of red, blue and green. All these shades, when combined, results in 16 million colors. with the increase of color depth to 10 bit, each color gives out 1,024 shades which means, a display of 1.07 billion shades. This is what we call 30-bit color in the Apple’s new iMac.

So, what’s the Benefit of such a high-res display?

Apple’s new iMac has made it possible to show colors with finest details, precision and accuracy. It helps professional designers or image editors, as well as the regular users to see a dramatic display of images and videos- the sheer 30 bits of color results in natural image.

In an interview given to the Live Science, Raymond Soneira, president of DisplayMate Technologies, a New Hampshire-based company that tests and evaluates display technologies said,

“This matters visually for accurately rendering dark color content and also for avoiding false contouring where there are slight continuous color shifts within an image, such as when rendering a blue sky late in the day as the brightness smoothly decreases away from the sun along the sky.”

Such a continuous change of color is not displayed in older TV sets and monitors, instead there are obvious bands becoming darker or lighter in new iMacs.

Is 10-bit Technology, Relatively a New One?

The 10-bit technology, as marketed by Apple’s new iMac, has been in use from the last 10 years but strictly confined to the specialists and not revealed to the general public. Moreover, there have been some HD (High Definition) TV sets in which this technology is incorporated due the basic requirement of HDR (High Dynamic Range) video, Live Science says. Since, HDR combines the wider color palette with brighter screens, it displays highest level of image contrast and exquisite refinement in brightness and color and results into a natural image.

New iMac is Faster than the Previous Versions!

Alongside the finest display of image, new iMac’s design has unparalleled performance. Equipped with seventh-generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors and cutting edge-graphics, it is faster more than ever before! The new 27-inch 5K iMacs are featured with standard storage option of 1TB Fusion Drive with the support of 64GB memory at max, and 8GB RAM is default storage, and 21.5-inch with up to 4GB. These machines can easily be upgraded with 2TB of SSD enabling them perform 50 percent faster than the previous iMacs.

The Graphics that You have Never Seen Before!

New Radeon Pro 500 series graphics make extravaganza everything that you see on Apple’s new iMac. With 4K and 5K retina display, it gives visual effects as well as 3D graphics showcasing power in the finest form.

Last, but not the least, advanced video editing capabilities are right on your desk. “You can create, edit and manage multi-cam projects n Final Cut Pro X with up to five streams of full-res 4K video”, says Apple.

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