4 Ways To Not Void The Warranty On Your Air Conditioner Unit


Air Conditioner Warranty

Your warranty is your safeguard against mechanical faults that might occur after purchasing a new air conditioning system. However, some actions can violate your warranty’s terms and make your warranty little more than a piece of paper. Follow the four recommendations below to ensure you stay protected throughout the term of your air conditioner unit’s warranty.

1. Register Your AC Unit

Registering your AC unit informs the manufacturer that you purchased the system at a particular time. This information is important for determining how long your warranty is valid and that you’re the rightful recipient of the coverage.

Many manufacturers offer online registration today, but you will still find some brands that use old warranty registration cards. Don’t neglect to put off this registration or you could face problems if you need to make a claim. Some AC companies also insist that you register your warranty within a certain time period after purchase, so make sure you read the terms of your agreement carefully.

2. Get Your AC Unit Serviced Every Year

AC Service

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Booking an annual service visit with an authorized HVAC mechanic not only ensures your AC system is properly maintained, but also helps you keep your warranty valid.

AC manufacturers know that properly maintained units need fewer repairs. These manufacturers understand that old parts lead to problems, and they don’t want to pay to correct problems when these issues might have been easily avoided.

Many manufacturers insist on services provided by licensed HVAC contractors. A person with a Home Improvement Contractor certification may not be enough, so make sure to check your contractor’s credentials. Above all, never attempt any service work yourself.

Your licensed mechanic should thoroughly examine your AC unit, clean its components, and replace any parts necessary. A visual check isn’t enough; the process should take one or two hours to satisfy the manufacturer. Your mechanic will alert you to any problems discovered during the service. Since your unit is still covered by a warranty, the repairs should be completed at no cost to you.

3. Choose Original Equipment Manufacturer Parts

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Don’t be tempted to skimp on the parts needed for any AC repairs. While you can find cheap parts at some discount websites, these parts are rarely covered by warranties. Most AC manufacturers don’t want to endorse or guarantee how components will perform if they haven’t developed them.

Manufacturers create Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts with your AC unit in mind. Avoid taking a risk on parts that aren’t subject to the same stringent checks and balances, especially during your AC unit’s warranty period.

4. Keep Up-to-Date Records

File the receipts you get for your air conditioner’s installation, services, and any repairs. Even receipts for something as small as a new air filter are important. Your manufacturer can and probably will decline reimbursing you for any expenses you cannot prove. The company will also want to see evidence that your AC system has undergone annual servicing to honor your warranty.

Follow the above pieces of advice to make sure you’re covered for mechanical faults that occur after your AC unit’s installation.


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